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Synthèse Myths and Heroes : to what extent there is many people who have improved the life of the black American community?

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Dorian Conchon

Myths and heroes

        Today I am going to deal with the notion of Myths and Heroes which refers to

a person with great nobility and who has achieved a lot of exploits that led them to be beloved by everyone. A myth is an oral story which can or cannot be true but he is a mysterious legend which went through generations.

        To illustrate this notion I will talk about the segregation and civil war in the United Sates of America. Indeed, some people in this period in the USA relates to the idea of Myths and heroes because they had to fight against the white oppression.

This leads me to wonder to what extent there is many people who have improved the life of   the black American community?

        So first I will deal with the American civil war, then I will tackle the most famous orator of the USA, and finally I will focus on the power of speaking.

        During the civil war, many people are fought against slavery, in fact before the American civil war, the black people were used in the agriculture in the farm and in the house of their slave owner. But some of them have chose to fight against this, like Frederick Douglas. so we did a search on the most known of the freed slaves who fought against slavery. He was born in 1818 and he died in 1895. he was a slave but he escaped in Maryland. During the rest of his life he fought for the abolition of slavery. Ha was one of the most eminent human rights leader of the 19th century. He wrote an autobiography. He created his own newspaper. But he needed to to Europe because he had cited the name of his slave owner that’s why he was threatened. He became a national leader of the abolitionist movement. And like A Lincoln he educated himself, by the bye during the civil war he was an adviser to him. But we can’t win the war just with newspaper, It takes men to take war. Such as Robert E Lee who was general in Confederate state army. When he commanded the army of Northern Virginia, he won many battles, but he lost 2 of his main battles. He became president of Washington college. These two men fought for the black community in two different ways contributing to equality

        Furthermore in America there were some people with great talent as orator, that we can call the power of speaking. In fact we have worked on a part of the most famous speech of Martin Luther King’s career. By the bye I think the best orator is Martin Luther King. This man has marked all generations with his speeches. He was born in 1929 and he had 4 children. In all, he did 208 speeches to defend the black community all around the USA. Thereafter he went to India in 1959 and he met Gandhi. But in 1963 he was arrested because of a demonstration in Alabama. After this date he won the Noble prize but he was assassinated in Memphis. One of his famous speech is “I have a dream” (with this speech in 1963 he got together with 250 000 civil-right supporters in Washington at the Lincoln memorial) is about the abolition of segregation, he said Abraham Lincoln was a great American, he respected and admired him, because he freed the black American community from slavery. MLK recommended to obtain justice, no violence and be peaceful. The inspiration for this speech came from Gandhi as MLK admired and believed in passive resistance (for example the hunger strike or boycott).


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