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Spaces and exchanges : the immigration and young people

Synthèse : Spaces and exchanges : the immigration and young people. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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At first, i’m going to give a definition of “Spaces and exchanges”.

An exchange is an act of giving and receiving something else in return. There are a lot of exchanges: commercial, financial, cultural, migratory…

Spaces refer to a place, to a geographical and symbolic area where exchanges can take place. The different interactions like cultural, economic, sociological and language have shaped and characterized our modern-day world.

In class, we studied a lot of documents about this notion. I have decided to talk about:

The dreamers

Two duelling narratives

India’s girls go missing

First of all, Helping the dreamers. This document is a speech pronounced by Barack Obama, the 15 june of 2012 in the White House.

This speech talks about the immigration and young people. In fact Barack Obama wants to make it more fair and equal for the “dreamers”.

The dreamers are young people who have always lived in USA, who were educated there and are loyal to this country. They are Americans in heart but not in the papers. Most of them don’t know that they’re undocumented and discover it when they apply for a job, a drive license or a college scholarship.

Barack Obama challenges the Americans by reminding them that the dreamers knew nothing about their country of origin not even the language and therefore deportation will be unfair and immoral

The second document is Two dueling narratives.It’s an audio that talks about India in two opposite ways .

On the one hand, emerging India is presented.

As a matter of fact, we’re told about the “Indian tiger” with the increase of GDP ( between 7 and 8.5%). We also hear about Bangalore which is famous thanks to his computer company that are known all around the world.

On the other hand, poor India is show.

Indeed, it’s estimated that 800 million of Indians live below the poverty line on less than $2 a day and that of these 800 million, 400 on less than 1$.

However, there are some positive things about India like her space program that costs ¼ dollars per year, her 69 billionaires who are present on the Forbe ranking and a powerful middle class with 300 million of people.

Unfortunately, poverty is very present in India, especially in New Delhi, which has many slums. It accounts for ⅓ of the world’s poverty and has inequalities, undernourishment,...

The last document is India’s girl go missing.

This document talks about Indian society and the desires of Indians to have boys. The fact of having a boy is more attractive financially because when they get married, they get a dowry from the bride. So it leads to abortions even if it’s illegal. The document use he examples of the village of Harora which counts twice as many men as women. The fact of wanting boys is also explained because they can take care of family affairs and because thanks to them, the family name is perpetuated.

To conclude, i think


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