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Spaces and exchanges: the immigration in the United-States

Cours : Spaces and exchanges: the immigration in the United-States. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Today my presentation is going to deal with the Espace and exchange.

First of all, I would want to give you a definition of these both words

 Exchange It’s a continuous movement or circulation of people, trade [etcetera].

And espace it’s a place or same a distance between two things.

The correlation between these two notions can be defined by relations among different countries, be it good or bad.

So, I am going to speak about the immigration to the United States, which connects the United States with his neighboring countries.

To begin, We are going to handle the subject in two parts,

To what extent the united states is a land of immigration and what's the point of view of American on immigration,

then and now.

Firstly, The statue of liberty implanted on 1886 show utterly the cultural reference in the history of the USA and it may be understood as the acceptance of immigrants, moreover EMMA  LAZARUS caring greatly about the plight of inhabitant of “ancient lands” wrote a poem: “The New colossus”, which will be engraved on the colossus.

In this poem in which a Colossus talk, he say ‘‘Give me your tired, your poor’’, we have evidence of the tradition of welcoming immigrants.

Besides, Obama In one of his speech, said the immigrant who came from around the world in our country has given us a tremendous advantage over other nations, he kept us youthful, dynamic and entrepneurial ”.

But now, according to Obama, the immigration system of USA is broken. Approximately 2 millions undocumented immigrants have been deported these last year, that’s a record.

In most cases, the foreigners escapes from their countries for reasons of violence or corruption  they're try going to America to live the American dream.

Since, the border controls have become stricter with more agents and last technology, especially in the southern states where many illegal people living.

Many came in America when they were a child and spent most of their life in America, like Isabel an undocumented, namely without green-card.

Like most she remain in the shadow, but one day Isabel was caught and she was sent to his home last year, such 400.000 undocumented.

Since, the immigration is a debate, a lot are against, because according to them the illegal immigrants bring a cheap workforce to the employers, and thus cause the unemployment for the citizen, Others sustain the people who escape the swamp in their countries.

As a result, even currently the immigration is a path of hope for the “tired and poor”. But there is a change of idea in our country based on the immigration, the inhabitant almost no longer want of immigrating.
Therefore, after the difficulty way of emigrating, now the immigrant is even more confronted in social and economic problem than previously in the USA.


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