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Spaces and exchanges : Do immigrants play a role in the USA today?

Fiche : Spaces and exchanges : Do immigrants play a role in the USA today?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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i am about to introduce the notion spaces and exchanges. First of all i would like to give a definition of this notion : an exchange is an act of giving and  receiving  something  else  in  return.  It can  also  be  seen  as  a continuous   movement   or   circulation.   There   are   different   kinds   of exchanges : media, people, trade... To illustrate the notion, I have chosen to talk about immigration in the USA. We may wonder if immigrants play a role in the usa today ? To answer to this question i will use 3 important documents that we studied in class.

The first one is a video called « protesters march through downtown clearxater in defense of daca, « dreamers ». The second, is a Obama’s speech « El paso 2011 », The last, is an article named « Hundred of buisness leaders call on trump to protect « dreamers ».

First of all, « protesters march through downtown clearxater in defense of daca, « dreamers » » is a report from News Channel 8. It deals with a group of people called « THE DREAMERS » who voice a message in sarasota, florida beacause they are undocumented people and trump is trying to end a program obama had implanted. So DACA program is in danger. Trump wants to sent them back to their parent’s country. They were granted the right to stay as long as they studied, work. However since the decision was made on september 5, 2017 their futur is threatened and it would have sad consequences on the us economy because they are « productive members of the society » not only they consume but they pays taxes as well : they boost the us economy, so, they play an important role in the usa.

  Moreover, the second document is an article called « « Hundred of buisness leaders call on trump to protect « dreamers » from the journal The Washington Post. As the title says it, several buisness leaders wants the dreamers to stay by putting us the benefiacia economicall reasons of their presence. Indeed,according to them the DREAMERS are vital to the futur of their companies. Furthermore to fire them this will cost them more than a billion dollars so the us GDP would lose money. The DREAMERS contribute to social security like any workers. Besides that, most of the biggest companies who signed the petition have dreamers employees among their workforce. We understant, that the daca’s deletion woud have a huge impact even on the biggest companies so it would also concern the america’s society.

Finally, The Third document is a Obama’s speech named « El Passo » of 2011. In his speech obama definied the usa as a nation of immigrants which has always welcomed those who were « willing to embrace America’s ideals and percepts. Throughout american history there has been many waves of immigration who also faced racism, discrimination. However they kept working hard and contributed to the nation. In this speech the reminder of the American Dream is discribed by Obama through an undocumented immigrant who worked in a sugar beet field and became an astronaut. Obama wanted to convince the american pepole that what makes  somebody american isn’t just documents it’s the belief allegiante to the USA’s founding principles.

To conclued, immigrants play a crucial role in the usa. Indeed, they are a need in the American economy, they contribute to its evolution. But not only that, They represent the american values , they are the illustration of the American dream. But above all, it is them who make the American history until today : Because is not America the nation of the immigrants ?


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