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Spaces and exchanges : the American Dream

Dissertation : Spaces and exchanges : the American Dream. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Oraux anglais Spaces and Exchanges

I will deal with the notion Spaces and Exchanges. As a matter of fact the different spaces of the world are nowadays more and more connected to each other. Exchanges can appear on many forms: people, trades or informations. Immigration is linked with this notion because today, immigrants represent lot of exchanges in the world. Mostly immigration in the United States of America since there is the famous American Dream. Therefore the American Dream is it a myth or a reality ? The American Dream can be fullfil thanks to your motivation, determination and bravery

even though you start from scratch.

First, there are many reasons for people to leave their own country such as political instability, war, job opportunities, lack of money or religious persecution. Many people choose to have a better life and go to America to fullfil their American Dream. I would like to talk about a woman who chose to live her dream in America, it's Fang Yi-Sheu, a taiwanese professional modern dancer. In her country she couldn't become an outstanding dancer as opposition to New-York where she can consider a real career. Fang and a lot of other people came to America to find themselves with a new beggining.

Moreover, job opportunities are not the only reason of immigrating in America. In fact, i would like to talk about Kayla, a girl who immigrated to the US with her parents who fled political persecution. She grew up in America and now she has adapted to the US and sound to be integrated. We studied another girl from Iran who immigrated to California because of political persecution so she became a political refugie. After several times she felt like home in America. We can see that the American Dream became real for some immigrants.

Nevertheless, there are people who couldn't achieve their American dream. Indeed the reality is quite different sometimes. The among of people who wants to achieve the American Dream is huge that the chance of achieving it is slight. Yet this dream is not entirely achievable. In fact Fang who found her job in New-York felt homesick while she was fullfilling her dream. She'd rather wish Taiwanese people could have better jobs opportunities in Taiwan.

Last but not least, the terrorist attack of the 11th of  September in 2001 in the United States by  members of  al-Qaeda Islamist jihadist network made lot of victims. This tragedy has provoked a racist movements in the United States towards Arabic people and Muslims. Today it is very difficult to integrate when you are Arabic or even Muslim, because this terrorist act has touched many Americans. As a consequence for Arabic or Muslim people, the chance to achieve their dream in America is at stack as they might be ostracied.

To my mind, to fulfill his own American Dream it's necesarry to be very motivated and determined despite obstacles since there are drawbacks. Everybody is different and success comes according to many factors. Consequently the American Dream requires an optimistic view as there are many chances for you to fail.


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