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Space and exchanges : how advertising is influencing people and their behavior?

Dissertation : Space and exchanges : how advertising is influencing people and their behavior?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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I'm going to introduce the notion space and exchanges.

To introduce this notion i think that we could define exchanges as an act of giving or receiving something in substitution for something else. In today's modern day world these exchanges can take several differents forms like people, media and culture trade. And in this notion space can be defined by the fact that medias are everywhere in our world we just have to watch street nowadays they are full of advertising.

Our modern world is changing quickly and seems to be a smaller place due to improvements in technology and communication.

In order to illustrate this notion I have chosen to talk about advertising and attemp to answer the question : How advertising is influencing people and their behaviour ?

Advertising is part of our world. It's a formidable weapon that people, companies and countries can exploit – for good or evil intent.

It's also a powerful mirror that reflects our values, aspirations, and fears.

Advertising messages influences our preferences for movie, musical style, latest fashions trend, food, decorating choices, and even the physical features that we find attractive or ugly in men and women.

In order to attract people, ad companies first are getting to know them by using market research, then target them effectively, by choosing the media or interresest that they will come into contact with.

Morrover consumers come into contact with ad very often so their method is not to annoy him, they make sure that the consummer feel smart and good.

To catch the consummer’s attention the best way they have is to write a good headline that will make them listen to their ads.

Thus there are several ways to make an enticing headline :

-The first is to be intringuing this means that the headline won't be saying explicitly what the ad is about the consummer will have to pay attention to it to know the product or the services, the thing that makes it's effecient is that they are using headline that relate to most of people so they reconigze themselve.

As exemple “Do you make these mistakes ?”

-You can stir emotion among the consummers by using friends, familly or even work, those three subject are important to them so it will catch their attention.”Have you lost touch with old friends ?”

It exist another way to catch people intention ; Incinting consumers to take action, companies makes those steps to be as easy as possible by making clear how they can obtein what they are buying, and give them some motivation to do it quickly. For exemple limited offers are a great way of stimulating interest.

To conclude ads companies are using many way to influence people to buy their product and those method can influence the consummer's life and choices.


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