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Spaces and exchanges : immigration

Fiche : Spaces and exchanges : immigration. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Spaces and exchanges

The notion i am going to deal with «  spaces and exchanges ». First , let me define the word « exchange » : it is movement or circulation all types of exchange : people , media , trade..

I have chosen to illustrate this notion with two documents : the wall , a report and New Horizons , a radio programme..

All these documents are about immigration.

So we can ask if the immigration is a good or bad thing ?

Document 1 The wall

The first document is a report about the US-Mexico border wall.

The wall is 5 m high , it covers one third of the entire US-Mexico border. It is made of strong steel with barbed wire on top and painted the color of the surrounding earth.

It is guarded by FBI agents , border patrols and drug enforcement.

In Arizona the Minutemen , an armed militia protect the wall. It is also protected by a « virtual fence » , motion detectors , cameras, sensors and drones which can see as far as 300 miles.

The wall raises a lot of controversy : the supporters of the wall say that the wall limits illegal immigration and stops drug traffikkers and limits violence related to drugs.

Opponents of the wall say it cost a fortune , it is inefficient , it damages the environment and safety of human beings.

As for me , I am an opponent of the wall because it is inefficient , people can always find a way to cross the border illegaly to have a better life. He gives a bad image of the US and is dangerous for the people and damage the environment. And it can’t stop drug traficking.

Document 2 New horizons

The second document is a TV programme devoted to Americans who have foreign origins ( Mexican-Americans , German-Americans…) it is entitled «  New Horizons ».

The presenter Bill connelly says that it is always the same story : millions of immigrants come to the USA to have a better Life. They believe that if they work hard , they will succed.

Bill Connely says that immigration is a buring issue in the USA and wonders if the American dream still alive.

To answer this question , he interviews Alejandro Perez , a Mexican immigrant in the USA. Alejandro tells him that the American dream is still alive and millions of immigrants come for it every year. He is from Mexico city and he left his wife and childrens there because he earned 600 pesos (equivalent of 70$) a month as a car mechanic but it wasn’t enougth to provide for bare necessities , so he escaped from proverty and unemployment.

In the USA he makes 8 to 10 times more money , so it is worth the sacrifice. There are a lot of jobs for unskilled worker in the USA.

As for me , I agree with the journalist who wants to show that immigrants come to their country to support their families and that the Americain dream still exists.


To conclude , I


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