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       I am going to talk about the idea of progress. First of all I would like to give a definition of this notion: The idea of progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change - a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the world a better place. To illustrate this I have chosen some documents : comparaison between « Freedom from want » by RockWell and the parody for « Modern Family », and « The myth of the traditional family »  writing by Linda Nicholson in 1997.I have chosen this documents because it’s a good explain to family’s evolution and a types of family from 1950 to today. We’ll try to answer of this question : How families had progress since 1950 ? In a first time, we’ll see in 1950, it was about only a type of family : traditional family. Then after, we’ll speak about diferents types of today’s family.

1) Traditional family in the 1950.

The traditional family in the 1950 was composed of a father, a mother and and of two children mainly. There was a big strong bonds. In the 1950 economy growth and the reconstruction of the american economy directly impacted on the society and an family structure. While the Victorian periode emphasised in 1950 a transformation in the role of women : there are a bigger responsibility in educating the children and of being responsible for the household. The advantages are that there is of no discrimination from society, the education of the children is balanced, the mother takes care of education and the father of authority. Nonetheless, there are limits such which a lack of freedom for woman and a social pressure on a wedding and legacy.

2)  News types of families

 Since a few years, the traditional family has changed for the better. From now on there are divorces, female workforce, laws on absortion, same sex marriage and surrogate mother. It exist a diferents types of families such which a same sex couple, a blended family but the married couple with children still exist.  In every types of families  we can notice advantages as limits. First of all a same sex couple have advantages, they have the right to have a child but this type of limite have limits, the same couple can’t have « biological » children and the social pressure from people who don't accept it. Then the blended family bring ad »vantages as a financial support and more present for children. But the are so a limits for the type of family : a possible tension between half brother or sister, a legacy divided, more difficult education and the question of having of their own. To finish the last type of family has advantages and limits as two others type of family. A strong links between the siblings, the financial support, there can be two wages and same point of new on education. But there is so limits : proffesional pressure,  the work can play a large role in parents life and a risk of divorce.

3) To conclude, between 1950 and today the traditional family ceased to evolve.


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