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Fiche anglais term s notion idea of Progress

Fiche : Fiche anglais term s notion idea of Progress. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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I’m going to deal with the notion of the idea of Progress. I would like to give a quick definition of this notion. The idea of progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change- a technical, Scientific or social advance with contribues to making the world a better place. We can ask ourselves What effect does this progress have on our Society? Does it have a positive or negative effect. I would like to concentrate on the technological progress and I will move on the social progress.

First, the technological progress of the different periods has improved the life of the population, but also increased the influence of the anglo-saxon countries in different fields. The communication is the form of progress, for example the development of the Internet has changed the habits of people. The information is received in real time, the work can be done remotely; social networks occupy a considerable place in people’s lives. However, many precious inventions have facilitated communication. Internet was created in the seventies and has revoilutionized the world. Almost, everything we do in our life today, from communication, studs, work and leisure, needs the Internet. Now we have also the Internet on or phones. Moreother, most of the world’s Internet users believe Internet access is a basic human right. However, The New York Time reported on a problem that many of us have but are not aware of: Internet addiction. There are many drawbacks because technology is changing people as people are glued to their phone ever in community. So the Internet can have negative effects on real life relationships.

As a result, Internet and new technology are the most pouerful potential source of enlightenment ever created, but we must use then with moderation.

Finally, the social progress is the search for an improvement of the living conditions of the human being by a change in the social organization.

Since the beginning of humanity, there have always been inequalities in society.

For example, between men and women, blacks and whites, between countries, etc.

As a result, the social status of Blacks has evolved. They passed from slaves to citizens by passing to presidents like US President Barack Obama and the important role played by Martin Luther King in the fight against racial discrimination and his famous speech "I have a dream" fighting the idea of ​​freedom and equality.

Women also fought for the right to vote and equality between men and women. They were designated as inferior to men. The poorest woman had always worked. Middle-class women were generally employed as teachers, but a married woman left her job and stayed at home.

So time, struggle and solidarity helped to change social inequalities.

Quality of life, education, employment, family life and equality in society have evolved over the centuries.

In conclusion, progress has evolved each time. No matter the field, we create, discover and change things. However, we must keep in mind that, as in everything, there are advantages and disadvantages. Nothing is perfect and we can make a lot of mistakes.


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