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Cette fiche est rédigée en langue vivante étrangère ou en français, la langue ne faisant pas l'objet d'une évaluation.

Writing and talking about your work placement

Your name : XXX

Identification number :

Communication situation you had to deal with:


observed Period :


Name :

Sector :


General setting :

The society XXX is situated in XXX, in the department XXX. This society is a Limited liability company. The main task of the company is to provide training courses for adults; it offers conduct training gear and delivers specific driving license and safety training.

In the afternoon, the executive director and the secretary were not present in the company. Before leaving the executive director tells me that there would be people who will come to have information on training so it showed me where the flyers were. Moreover she explain me that some will come to graduate , it also showed me where to find the signed certificates, so I can give them.

A man enter in the reception of the company, i wave to enter in the office, and i giving a handshake. Moreover pointing to the chair I told him he could sit. These Men explain he would like information on the formation.

The communication situation :

- People involved (names / jobs) :

Mister. X

Manager assistant (intern)

- Relationships between the people :

The relationships between people (employees in the company and customers) were professional

- Communication techniques and tools :

It was a face to face communication

- Location :

- Duration :

The specific situation lasted 10 minutes


Summary of the situation, showing strategies :

I asked Mr X to take a chair and sit down. Mr X introduced himself and explained to me that he would like to have information about a training to drive gears.

I told him that it was the responsibility of the administrative and financial departments , I handed him a flyer then with the different types of training , he had to tell me exactly where he wanted to do the training , and I have noted his personal information down (name,


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