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  • Walmart Kevin

    Walmart Kevin

    Largest private employer in the United States as in Canada and Mexico, Walmart has invested itself as a "mission", which is "save money for a better life": "save people money for they can live better is at the heart of everything we do [...] in simple terms, help people live

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  • Walmart ranked n1 Corporate global leader in 2010

    Walmart ranked n1 Corporate global leader in 2010

    PARTIE 1 Compréhension écrite et restitution écrite en français du dossier documentaire. Tout d’abord, le document numéro un est texte dont le titre est « Walmart ranked n1 Corporate global leader in 2010 ». C’est l’histoire du créateur de l'entreprise Sam Walton, un entrepreneur qui incarne le rêve américain. Ces parents sont

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  • Walter Elias disney

    Walter Elias disney

    In this presentation I will speak about Walter Elias Disney.In this presentation I will tell about his childhood then,I will say how famous he was and at the end I will deal with his death. -Walter Elias Disney was born on the fift of december nineteen one in Chicago.He's the

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  • War Films and history

    War Films and history

    Do you think that cinema is a good way to learn about history ? In my opinion, the cinema is an efficient way to learn about history, as long as we don't exclusively rely on it. It is well-known that some historical films aren't always accurate. For example, some films,

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  • WAR HORSE Directed by Steven Spielberg.

    WAR HORSE Directed by Steven Spielberg.

    WAR HORSE Directed by Steven Spielberg, War Horse is based on a Novel written by Micheal Merpurgo in 1982. It stars Jeremy Irvine as the main human character Albert Narracott from Devon a small village in England, but the real main character is a stunning horse whose name is Joey.

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  • War on Isis

    War on Isis

    War on ISIS 1. Origin, leaders, event Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is currently the "president" of Daesh, at the head of everything; Daesh being a terrorist organization, organized as a developed country. As for the origins of this group, after the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, Abu Messan Al

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  • Was Galileo a heritic?

    Was Galileo a heritic?

    People who were considered heretic had their own ideology and they often opposed the church’s teachings. Galileo had ideas of his own and was the first to put forth the “Copernican Theory” : Galileo believed that the Earth evolved around she sun and not that the universe revolved around. Earth.

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  • Watch hackers break into the US power

    Watch hackers break into the US power

    Watch hackers break into the US power grid (12:27 to 14:58) Il s’agit d’un extrait de la vidéo « Watch hackers break into the US grid » publié par la chaîne Tech Insider sur YouTube. Le groupe RedTeam est composé de White Hat Hackers qui ont été engagés par une

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  • Water shortage.

    Water shortage.

    The scarcity of water is considered as a global problem. Climate change and scarcity put pressure on water resources. The number of the world’s population facing water scarcity continues to rise and the recent studies revealed that 66% of people live without sufficient access to non-polluted water for at least

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  • Water supply conflicts in Gaza

    Water supply conflicts in Gaza

    Louis Moullec 2nd Essay: Water supply conflicts in Gaza Mabye we do not realize that water is precious and that we should save it. For example in Gaza water supply is a big probleme. I will first talk about Gaza then I will explain the impact of Israel on Gaza's

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  • We may also wonder, what is a hero?

    We may also wonder, what is a hero?

    Myth and Hero Introduction: - … So …. I’m going to talk about the notion of Myth and Hero through two texts I’ve personally picked among many to illustrate this notion, But first thing first,we may wonder, what is a Myth ? Definition: A myth is legend telling a story

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  • Weapons in USA

    Weapons in USA

    Diapo 1 : Hello everybody, I am Alan MOREL, and I am currently in my second year of common core at the UTBM. The subject of my presentation will focus on weapons in the USA Diapo 2 : 13158 : It’s the number of people who have died since the

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  • Welcome to Brazil

    Welcome to Brazil

    WELCOME TO BRAZIL This advice has been reviewed and reissued with editorial amendments by a person who know by heart this country. The overall level of the advice of french concerning the Brazilian people has not changed. Be careful when you will read this guide because it's intended as a

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  • Went on

    Went on

    A month... in the rest of the world around and 'went on: politicians talk, spread salt, the wars continue. People go out and go shopping, to make up meals and drinks and forget about the crisis, then goes to the gym and do the diet 'cause summer is coming. The

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  • What are the advantages and disavantadges of a multicultural society?

    What are the advantages and disavantadges of a multicultural society?

    Many immigrants moved all over the world through centuries. Some people say there are only advantages to live in a multicultural society, others think today there disadvantages. So, we will see in a first part the advantages of a multicultural society and the disadvantages in a second part before

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