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The notion of progress : How did African-American's condition progress throught time?

Fiche : The notion of progress : How did African-American's condition progress throught time?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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    I am going to talk about the notion “progress”. Progress means  to improve or develop in skills, knowledge, etc. We can also say progress is a movement toward a goal or to further or higher a stage. This theme present that is segregation. Segregation is the discrimination against black people by  white unit.  Segregation was made law several times between 1875 and 1976. ( In 1964, the president Lyndon.B.Johnson signs the civil rights acts ) which abolishes segregation in USA. After studying a few documents, we can wonder that how did African-American’s condition progress through time?

    In 1619, there was a arrival of the first African slaves. From that time on, we define that the blacks were slaves. They were menial. After Civil War, the north states won, even though it means there is no more slaves in American, everyone is equal,  there still exists racism. So the African-Americas community starts to fight for equality.

    They organize their own groupe to try to change and challenge segregation. In 1955, Martin Luther King initiate the Montgomery bus boycott. There was a groupe who was called Freedom Riders, there were seven whites and six blacks in this groupe.  Most of this groupe are college students. They are young but they have a big goal. They try to fight with KKK because they want to let the world know that being tolerant of each other is good, there is not difference between black and white.

    In other way, they march on street and make some speeches. In 1963, Martin Luther King organized a march on Washington. And he gave the speech, “i have a dream” for all the world. More and more people support them. In 2008, Barack Obama became the first black man who is elected president. It means that black people ’s struggle is useful.

   As a conclusion, we can mention that African-American could change their condition through their struggle and faith. Martin Luther King organize people to protect themselves and fight for their rights. The Freedom Riders don’t afraid of KKK, they want to protect equality. President Obama tells us that everything is possible. Black people could be a president.


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