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Notion Locations and Form of Power

Dissertation : Notion Locations and Form of Power. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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I'm going to talk about the notion "Locations and form of power". But first, let me define the important words. Progress is a forward movement, an advance, a development. It can be a gradual betterment, especially concerning the progressive development of humankind. The theme we have studied this year is "The power of money". I'm going to answer to the question : Does money lead the world? To illustrate this theme and answer to the question, I've chosen three documents. The first one is a newspaper article from the Guardian Weekly, which is written by Luke Harding, in January 2001. The title is Give me a Big Mac, but hold the beef. The second one is a cartoon drawn by Nicholson. And the last one is an article from the CNN, called "Wal-Mart worker dies in rush ; two killed at toy store".

I'm going to talk about the newspaper article Give me a Big Mac, but hold the beef. First, the text deals with the famous chain of fast food restaurant McDonald's.

The scene takes place in India, more precisely in New Delhi. In this country, there are 24 restaurants. The company plans to extend this number to 80. McDonald's has to face the Indian's eating habits. Indeed, as the country is overall muslim, the restaurants can't serve pork, because Muslims represent an important part of the population (140 million people). Moreover, let's remind that in the Hindu religion, cows are sacred, it's the holy animal. So the company can't serve beef either. In order to manage the issue, they serve chicken. It's a commercial attitude and the company wants to please its potiental customers. The fact is that it's important for the company to be established in India, since it's a huge potential market with more than one billion people. It's, obviously, a profit-seeking company. So it has to spread itself as far as it can, if they want to make money.

This document show a vision of the power of money, and, more widely, the notion "Locations and form of power", because first, McDonald's is the well-known by everyone in the world. But McDonald's is too expensive for some populations, especially in India. So, we can say that the customers of McDonald's restaurants in India belong to the upper middle class. They can afford without problems a fast-food restaurant. But they're not numerous. On a certain point of view, to have access to leasures, people must have money. We can say that money rules over the world.

Then, I'm going to talk about the document "The Other Side of the Coin". It's a cartoon by Nicholson, a famous American cartoonist.

The scene takes place in a sweatshop. We can guess it's in the well-known brand "Nike" workshop, because we can see the swoosh in the foreman's tie. The foreman, who is in the middle of the cartoon, is yelling the famous Nike slogan "Just Do It", at frightened workers. However, on the left-hand side, a worker is carrying a placard which reads "We want fair work conditions". As an answer to his request, the foreman is getting a good kick in the face with the foreman's sneaker. By the way, we can see the swoosh in the sneaker. We can say that the foreman is haughty, contemptuous, pitiless, brutal.

On the contrary, the workers are exploited and they don't have their word to say, they're powerless. The foreman is bigger than the workers in order to say that he is powerful, and to show a gap between the men. They are bent over theirs machines, and they don't dare to say anything. They would like to have better working


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