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The city of New York.

I’m going to present you my subject for the high school diploma on the city of New York.

New York is the main city of the United States, in front of Los Angeles and Chicago. She is situated on the American East coast, in the State of New York. The urban area approaches the 20 million inhabitants. The city in account a little more than 8 millions, distributed in five districts: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.

The symbol of the city of New York is the apple.

New York has for nickname "the big apple" and " the city which never sleeps”

The first district of New York is Manhattan. It is an island, and it is the "heart" of the city.

The South of Manhattan is the heart of the economic and administrative activities of New York. It is there that is situated the New York Stock Exchange, the first stock exchange of the world. She is situated in very famous Wall Street. But Manhattan also contains very numerous houses.

New York is a cosmopolitan city which built itself on the immigration. Certain districts are very characteristic, as Chinatown, Little Italy, SoHo, without forgetting famous Harlem

Bronx is the only one of the other districts of New York which is situated on the continent. It is a poor area, certain streets of which are little respectable.

New York attracts numerous tourists by its monuments and its cultural life.

New York contains many skyscrapers. The architecture is very diversified. The Fifth Avenue of New York is one of the most famous avenues of the world.

The Empire State Building is situated in the angle of the 5th avenue and the 33rd Street. It is in 2007 the highest skyscraper of New York. He possesses 102 floors, 73 elevators and his height reaches 449 meters with the antenna He was built in 1930-1931, in full depression, to become the highest skyscraper of the world. It became again the highest skyscraper of New York in 2001, after the collapse of the Twin Towers. We can go up to his summit, and see the panorama on the city.

Times Square is one of the places the most famous and the most livened up to the world. The New Yorkers gather there to celebrate the New Year. At night, Times Square is lit enlightened by tens of big screens which spread of the advertising and information.

I choose this theme on New York because it’s an important city from a world point of view, a city that makes dream and which temps many French to live their American dream.


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