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A Coldplay concert

Présentation of the group

I am going to present you a music group which i like , It is coldplay . I decide to present the english pop music . The first part of my presentation is the history of the group , first the group Coldplay is a british rock group and it is formed at London in 1996 by the singer Chris martin and the guitarist Jon Buckland and 2 years after , Chris meet guy berryman the bass player of the group and the beater Will Champion.

The group take part in association such as Greenpeace or Amnesty International and the group made ​​a lot of music for commercials or films.

Coldplay sold 55 millions of albums in the world.

Discography :

2000 : Parachutes

2002 : In rush of blood

2005 : X*Y

2008 : Viva la vida

2011 : Mylo xyloto

For me , the best album is viva la vida because i love this song who are happy.


It is the Wednesday 12 th December 2011 at the morning of the concert I took the train from Paris and Grenoble until I found a hotel, my hotel was in front of the concert hall and I went wandering around Paris with my father.

Around 18 o'clock, I went into the concert hall Bercy was super great, there were at least 20,000 people, one person we distributed bracelets.

To 20 o'clock , the first part of the concert was Emilie Sande an English artist and around 21o' clock coldplay began his concert and all bracelets are lit, they are sung all their greatest hits like Viva la vida then at some point the singer and guitarist is actually a guitar battle it was huge. the decor of the concert was fabulous because it was full of colors like green or blue and the lighting was fantastic and there were also two large screens. The costumes of the groups was nice because it was full of color and designs, and there was also full of graffiti instruments. To 23 hours, the concert ended, chris martin talking about an organization that helps sick children, there were many people who were selling post or group of objects. and when I left the concert I went to eat at the restaurant.

My choose

I chose to talk about this because Coldplay is a band that I really enjoy in relation to their style of music and I love British pop. It's been six years since I listen to this group and I went to see their concert. my favorite music is Viva la vida. Their music is happy and it makes me want to listen


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