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Sean John Combs, known under the name P. Diddy is a rapper, actor, dancer, businessman and music producer. He was born September 4, 1960 in Manhattan, NewYork. His mother was models for him, while his father was a drug dealer.

After receiving his degree at Howard University in Washington, he joined the production ‘’Uptown Entertainment ‘’.

In 1993, he created his own label called “Bad Boy Records". He discovered the group Jodeci, Mary J. Blige, Eazy Mike, Faith Evans, Lil’ Kim, Notorious BIG and other artists.

It’s thanks to the success of Notorious BIG that the reputation of the producer P.Diddy increase.

In 1997, P.Diddy will devote to his musical career and recorded his first solo album. It is platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. He has won 9 Grammy Awards and two MTV Video Music Awards.

Only, a few years later, P.Diddy recorded his new album "Forever," which disappoints the fans because of lack of creativity. This album is a failure.

In 1999, P.DIDDY and his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez were at a club in Manhattan when gunfire broke out. After a police investigation, P.DIDDY and the rapper Shyne are arrested for weapons violations and other charges. His girlfriend left him after this event. His girlfriend left him after this event.

He recorded the song "Come with me" with Jimmy Page for the movie Godzilla and "Bad Boys II OST" which is the soundtrack of the movie Bad Boys 2.

It’s one of the largest producers of United State. He colabore with artists like Mariah Carrey, Boys II Men and Usher and becomes the richest rapper in the world.

He also created his own brand of street wear clothing called ‘’Sean John’’ and his own brand of perfume is called ‘’Unforgivable’’ which was named best male perfume of the year in 2006. In addition of that, Combs was owned two restaurants called Justin's like his son.

He sells his label to Warner Music Group and launched his own TV channel called "Revolt TV". He was executive producer of the reality TV show Making the Band, which appeared on MTV from 2002 to 2009.

He is the CEO of “Blue Flame’’ Marketing agency in New York, he appeared in episodes of Jackass, but also in season one of the series "Hiwaii-Five-O", in episode 2 of the series "CSI:Miami", in an advertisement for a perfume and in the movies ‘’ Monster's Ball’’, ‘’Death of a dynasty’’, ‘’Rise to power”, “American trip” and in other movies.

He has five children: Christian, Jessie James and Da Lila Star who are twins and Justin and Chance which don’t have the same mother as the other three.

It is the second Hip-Hop artist, after Queen Latifah to have his star on the famous sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard, Walk of Fame.

He’s recently producer of Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj. For the moment, P.DIDDY recorded 6 albums and 5 singles.


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