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I will talk about a film.

It's title is INVICTUS and it was directed by Clint EASTWOOD.

It was released in 2009 (two thousand nine)

The genre is a historic drama.

I saw it subtitled in the cinema with my class.

The main actors were first Morgan FREEMAN and then Matt DAMON.

The film takes place in South Africa during the election of Nelson MANDELA.

In 1994 (nineteen ninety-four), the election of Nelson MANDELA ends the Apartheid.

Nelson MANDELA notice that his country is divided by the various races and the economy.

Gather his people and to make every citizen proud of his country.

Nelson MANDELA contacted the team of rugby who had just lost and asked them to play at the world cup in 1995 (nineteen ninety-five).

The world cup takes place one year later.

The team of South Africa called the SPRINGBOX plays against the team of New Zealand the ALL BLACKS.

The team of South Africa won.

Nelson MANDELA took advantage of the world cup to unite the Whites and the Blacks of his country.

Nelson MANDELA was born 18th July 1918 (eighteen nineteen-eighteen) in South Africa.

In 1993 (nineteen ninety-three) he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

He was imprisoned for 27 years in very hard conditions.

It was the 8th president of South Africa.

I particulary enjoyed this film because it's a true story.


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