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Space and form of power

Analyse sectorielle : Space and form of power. Recherche parmi 263 000+ dissertations

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English oral form:  Places and Forms of Power

Set the theme:
power is the ability to influence people's behavior. Live together, members of a community accept rules, regulations, laws.

Problem: when is power when its effects are missed?

In the first explain for the ISF

The ISF was a tax for the rich retired by President Emmanuelle macron in 2018

The ISF has been removed so the person the rich pay less tax; This removed tax has been partly replaced by a tax for the retirement.

Poor people are angry because they help all poor people and on the contrary because he raised taxes to retire them, who are often poor

So people want this tax to be restored so that poor people pay less tax

secondly I take the example of the course which is trution fies

For is the high price universities private Kingdom United more because of their competitive prices make that increase.

The problem of this award is that it creates inequalities, because it is the rich people who can enter in these Universities yet more poor people will have more bad and will have to take a credit

Finally  concerns the qualification of the people because even smart poor people cannot have a large study unlike a person less smart but poor.

In the end I do explain my choice of these two examples for this theme

In both cases we can see that it creates injustice toward the poor person

In the case talks about the difficulties in daily life

And finally these two examples we're talking about the social category which explains high socially successful people and low social class people have a lot of trouble.

We see that these examples fit into the theme of power


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