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Spaces and Forms of Power, Going to University

Fiche : Spaces and Forms of Power, Going to University. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Solène D, Spaces and Forms of Power : Going to University.

Today, we'll talk about a topical subject and more precisely about the idea of "Places and Forms of Power". In our daily lives, a place is a location where people can go, and also live. Power is the fact that a person can dominate another person. University is a place where you can become powerful and it can help you become powerful in society. A lot of people are saying that education is the only ticket to success in life but, is it always true ? In what way does Education empower people ? And what power is exerted in Education ?

First of all, it's normal to think that having a Higher Education is crucial if you want to succeed in life. Indeed, as an article written by a US College says, a HE can bring a lot of benefits which are material, moral and personal ! A HE permits you to become a better citizen and a better person because you can make the best choices and it gives you the knowledge and skills that you need to get back on your feet if you've made a mistake, which is really important from a political point of view, otherwise you can endanger the future of society. The post created by a young adult who's discovering the World of Politics reminds us that it also brings self-development because you'll have to become autonomous and open your mind to the world. According to the testimony of Amit and his wife, in a video we watched in class, employers are looking for people with a HE because it's like a guarantee of competence. It implies that it's very easy for a highly-educated person to find a high-paying job, this, in turn, will help to have a more comfortable life !

Nevertheless, there's a major problem because Higher Education is unequal from a social point of view ! Firstly, in an underprivileged family, it’s rare to have family cultural outings -even if it can help you to extend your knowledge and open your mind- because it's really expensive. We have seen in a video that some students can't afford to go to university in the USA... A lot of students must leave their home in order to live in a big city where prices are very high for accommodation and this cost urges them to borrow money ! That is why a lot of students are in debt for years and years. In the video “I don't care what it costs” we have two differents points of view, so, the cost of the university sounds like a matter for debate.

To conclude, a lot of people who didn’t get a Higher Education have been successful in life and have gained power, like Albert Einstein who's one of the greatest scientists ! So, you can deduce that a HE and going to University can bring a lot of benefits but, it's not the only key to success and not the only means to empower people... In my view, the real key to success in order to become powerful is your motivation and your desire to follow your dreams ! A lot of people are motivated to succeed even if they come from a disadvantaged background, that is why I think that college should be free for all students. This is important for the progress of society because it permits to combat inequalities and it also guarantees equality of opportunity to become


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