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Espace et echange, What attracts immigrants to live in the US and is what the American Dream is still alive?

Fiche : Espace et echange, What attracts immigrants to live in the US and is what the American Dream is still alive?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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I m going to deal with the notion of space and exchange. What is space and what is the exchange?

To begin with space, he unlimited or incalculably great three-dimensional realm or expanse, in which all material objects are located and all events occur. And exchange, in globality, is an act bof giving one thing and receiving another (especially of the same kind) in return. Several types of exchanges can be discussed: trade, financial, cultural, migrations flows…

My question is: What attracts immigrants to live in the US and is what the American Dream is still alive?

  1. Firstly, we will look at the history and the causes of immigrations in USA
  2. Then we will talk about the anti-immigration feeling felt by migrants
  3. And finally, we will talk about the American Dream


  1. The history and causes of immigrations

Ellis Island is a historical monument of immigrations, opened in 1892(eighteen ninety two) as a federal immigration station and was closed in 1954 (nineteen fifty-four). Forty percent of the current American population has at least one ancestors who is going through Ellis Island.

 In globality immigrants come from Germany, Ireland, England and Scandinavia for the first wave of immigrations and for the second wave it has Syria, Turkeys and Armenia. These migrants come to America because in her country there is famine and religious persecutions or poverty. But not everyone was able to return, mostly, because of the results of medical visit (about two percent were sent back home).

When every immigrant passed, the doctor with the help of an interpreter, examined the hair, face, neck and hands of every person. The doctor had a chalk in his hand, when he noticed that some area needed to be checked more thoroughly, he wrote a letter on the immigrant’s clothes.

  1. Anti-immigration feeling

Not everyone was for mass immigration, In general the American had a hatred towards the irish. We also observed and analyzed a cartoon, an Irishman is represented by a monkey, and he seems to be drunk and violent: the extreme danger of immigration. Commonly called Nativists or « know nothing », they represent Ireland’s worst nightmare. Seen as a party against immigration, for them an Irish was as good as a black man and was not considered as a white citizen.

But the Irish were not the only ones who faced racism. The wave of Catholics immigration was not well seen, for example a riot in Philadelphia in eighteen eighty two. The Chinese suffered from that anti-immigration, they were considered as thieves of employment and a law was created to prevent them from entering the territory.

All this immigration has led to problems of hygiene and housing. A dozen people sleeping in one room, no access to running water, so this has caused diseases. So it has become a huge problem for the city of New York this reinforced the anti-immigration feeling from the native born American.

 A lot of immigrants understood that the American dream was not so easy to get.

  1. The American Dream

 The American Dream is the idea that any person living in the United States, through his work, his courage and determination, can become prosperous.

 But it has changed a lot with the time. At beginning, the idea was that the European immigrants who were landing to America could practice their religion as they wanted in a land of possibilities and they had to help building the country, but now, immigrants, who almost come from Mexico, South America and Canada are not allowed anymore in USA, they are victims of racism.


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