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Myths and heroes: how can the image of a hero become controversial?

Dissertation : Myths and heroes: how can the image of a hero become controversial?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Myths and heroes :

The notion seen in class is about Myths and Heroes. First, we will be interested in the definition of hero and myths. A hero, in mythology, is the son / daughter of a god and a woman or a goddess and a man. Moreover it is a person who performs many heroic acts with positive faculties and qualities. A myth, in mythology, is a marvellous narrative that aims to interpret the origin of the world and great events of humanity or a fictional story or character that summarizes a reality of universal scope. It can also be a story that is transmitted orally from generation to generation or a person surrounded by extraordinary esteem.

Key issue: how can the image of a hero become controversial?

On the one hand, we will see through different documents how some heroes are loved in the society. On the other hand, they can be hate.

First of all, a controversial hero is a person who is both admired and hated.

In the today’s society, heroes are most of them singers, actors, political men or athletes. They have all accomplished extraordinary facts or something wich need to be respect and are also models in the society particularly for teens.

For example, Winnie Mandela, nicknamed “The mother of the nation” is a heroin because she was totally devoted to her husband Nelson, a South African statesman, who was jailed during 27 years. Moreover she was anti-apartheid activist and was very devoted too to this cause like her husband.

Similarly, in the picture seen in class, the south african athlete Oscar Pistorius can be called hero too because this man is born with an handicap. In fact, he had a leg problem and so he was amputated. However he decided to be a runner because it was his passion.

Finally, in the text Margaret Thatcher, nicknamed “Iron Lady” is seen as a   heroin because she was the first woman prime minister of the United Kingdom and qualified by the society of strong and brave woman.

  However, the image of these heroes is questioned.

Indeed, the wife of Nelson Mandela is a controversial heroine because she was accused of torturing and even killing. Furthermore, she was sued for fraud.

Similarly, the athlete Oscar Pistorius is sentenced for 13 years and 5 months in prison for killing his wife.

According to Margaret Thatcher's text and bloggers' critics her nickname "" Iron Lady "is questioned. In fact, her opponents blame her for her hard policy, ruing the country and for created division.

In conclusion, although the heroes seen previously are considered as heroes, however because of their actions their images is questioned and therefore considered antihero. I think even if the heroes are controversial they are still heroes.


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