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Myths and heroes : How can the actions of the past help us to built a better future ?

Dissertation : Myths and heroes : How can the actions of the past help us to built a better future ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Myths and heroes

I'm going to present the notion entitled Myths and Heroes. First I need to define the notion; myths can be synonymous with legends for example and heroes can be understood as extraordinary people to give lessons or are a source of inspiration for others. To illustrate this notion can I use the following issues: How can the actions of the past help us to built a better future ? ANNONCE DE PLAN


people can be become heroes with famous action, speech, show courage.

Martin Luther was one leader of the civil rights movement in the 1960's so as to end segregation and give rights to everyone as promised by the constitution. He made his famous speech “I have a dream “ to motivate people and underline the feeling between black people. Its a speech about hope, he tries to make people react and move them. The text is built on anaphora to insist on segregation. The speech is very particular in the way since it presents a political and religious side. He uses “ brotherhood”, the word has a religious connotation, it means peace and represent the link to family and forgiveness. Martin Luther King convinces people of the positive mission of his movement. One speech is to convey a message and gather people so as to motivate them to react. The speech is called a masterpiece of rhetoric with numerous anaphoras. Martin Luther King refuses the inferiority of the black but in reality equality is still a dream. He criticizes the fact that laws are made but not implemented.

Mohammad Alli took part in a similar fight for the cause of the blacks. He indeed influenced organizers who formed the backbone of the civil rights movement. His power as a heroic symbol bridged the entire ideological part of the movement. He was the first to use his popularity and the important role of the media to change the condition of the black community. He offended and provoked the government by refusing to be drafted into the Vietnam War; he said the famous sentence “I Ain’t got no quarrel with the Vietcong. No Vietcong ever called me nigger.” If his courage remains a myth his only personality and shocking act makes him a hero.

Every one fights with his means like Rosa Parks and her refusal to leave her place to a white man in the bus, for James Brown, his song “Say it loud I'm Black and I'm proud” its an angry cry to forbid black rights. This dedicated song is rich in rhyme metaphors, euphemism and numerous; it denounces segregation in a jazzy / funky rhythm. The religious aspect is very important also the building of the text, in fact the anaphora and the parallelism between I'm black and I’m proud is a sign of equality.

II) Today the image of Martin Luther King is used to denounce the political deviations for example the cartoon drawn by the US cartoonist Mike Luckovich after the shooting in Ferguson during which the black unarmed man, Michael Brown, was shot by a white policeman. The sketchy cartoon denounces policy brutality over black community. The cartoon is a way to deal with a serious topic with humour. The discrepancy between Martin Luther King’s statue and the policeman symbolizes the gap between stupid and barbarous acts of some and the importance


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