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What Is Big Ben For The English ?

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Big Ben is one of English monuments that can not miss in relation to its location and size. It is located just across the Thames. Indeed, Big Ben is right in the clock tower in the Palace of Westminster, which is also called the British Parliament.

In 1835 took place a fire that will condemn a part of Parliament. Following this incident, a committee will decide on the future plans of this building. This will be Charles Barry to be the initiator of creating a bell in Parliament. Work will begin in 1856 to be finished in 1858.

For the construction of the bell tower, it was necessary: Remove the first bell on a carriage which was pulled by 16 horses. The latter was built in 1856. But unfortunately it has split after a few months. Suddenly, a second bell was built, it will be cast April 10, 1858 at the Whitechapel foundry. In October 1858, the bell is moved 61 meters to the belfry tower in 18 hours. On 31 May 1859 the famous clock into service. Each year, it is set by placing a piece of a penny on the mechanism if she gets ahead, or removing one if it delays.

Basically, this monument's name was The Great Bell. Contrary to what one might think, Big Ben is only the name of the bell and not to the entire tower. Big Ben is the name we have given in honor of Benjamin Hall, a politician and civil engineer who was big corpulence and whose nickname was Ben.

Today the tower is also called "Elizabeth Tower '. This term is recent, date a few years. The name change is a tribute to the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen Jubilee held in June 2012.

Nowadays, a light shines within this monument when Parliament is sitting at night. During each 31 December, the British people meets near Big Ben in order to celebrate the new year. Since then, the bell resounds which announced in all English homes the beginning of the new year. The sound is now broadcast on all television channels and radio in the country. The Tower of Big Ben has become over the decades a symbol of London and England.


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