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Places and forms of power : Does the credibility of an established power lie in its Supremacy or must it be limited to make it more effective?

Fiche : Places and forms of power : Does the credibility of an established power lie in its Supremacy or must it be limited to make it more effective?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Power is at the same time the source of political, social and personal integration and reveals tensions and conflicts within the group. Power is exercised through a complex set of relationships that are undergone or accepted, often internalized. Power also implies counter-powers: Does the credibility of an established power lie in its Supremacy or must it be limited to make it more effective? We are going to deal with this with a large part: the total power and the limitation of the power in which we will see the advantages and the inconveniences of each one.

  1. A total Power:

Indeed, having unlimited power can involve great responsibility, broader actions, high status and a little simpler life. How does it show us the excerpt of the new "A scandalous man", where we will see a lambda man, working as a translator for a powerful enough businessman. During the extract, the translator denounces the businessman as being quite venal, and does not appreciate to help this man. Subsequently the man having just concluded the contract it is off and looks proud, he goes so far as to say that he will celebrate with "women" even though he is lost to thousands of Czech their workmen, the traitor will tell him and the man will answer him "Welcome to globalization. Welcome to the world, where you make dust o you eat dust. Welcome to the 21st century "This sentence shows that being powerful leads to a better but unhappy life for the poor. In the end, the man makes us understand that in order to succeed, one must be able to make other people bad. But that power would only belong to the richest and most powerful. Man really represents the symbol of power and the translator of a simple person. We will also focus on the case of google, with an excerpt from an audio document that talks about the congress becoming google, with Eric Schmidt who will have to testify before the subcommittee of the Senate to answer to the next question: is google too powerful? During this congress, they explained that Google being too powerful, it would completely crush these competitors, despite himself. Indeed, the problem of being too powerful, prevents the competition to be enriched, and can cause the loss. Power would belong to the richest and most powerful.

2. Limitation of power

But for more equality is it not more limited and especially sharing? indeed, to distribute the power would allow a better life for all, and that it is not enough to be powerful to be able to do what one wants. As we see in the article about Wikileaks website, journalistic site, put forward 2 people, discussing the rights to transparency of information, partly political. On the one hand we have a lawyer who defends this right, and says that the website and the perfect representation of the freedom of expression and allows to show to the public the real facts going against the political system and the rights of the man; they denounce the things that powerful political men try to hide from the people. On the other side, a man director of the communication law centre at uts, he thinks just the opposite. This man thinks that this site allows itself to deliver information that is not justified and despite the rights to the public to know and the freedom of expression, it would be right to limit these rights because it would be a political attack against the communications US. This text makes us understand that often the most powerful men allow themselves to do rather illegal things, things for which a lambda man would go to prison, and that thanks to their power they hide everything, and that they should precisely limit their to avoid this kind of indifference and allow respect for human rights for all. This article could also show that the power of the press should be limited in order to avoid defamatory articles against public officials.


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