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Idea of progress: does the organization of our society brings hapiness?

Fiche : Idea of progress: does the organization of our society brings hapiness?. Recherche parmi 294 000+ dissertations

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Idea of progress

The idea of progress is the belief that people can live better thanks to technologies like the evolution of smartphones, social progress for exemple in work, and sciences advances like in medecine, to become happier.

I’m going to answer to the question “does the organization of our society brings hapiness?”

I’m going to talk about the way people climb up the social ladder and try to be happy.

People rise in society thanks to their studies, their promotions in work. More they reached all these things, more they are significant in the eyes of the society. For exemple, we saw in class a cartoon where a man went from office boy to president, including various positions. So, he started with a anodin post, and he reached the top of the ladder, that it to say president. So, he has the most important position,  experience, studies, etc. He represents social progress. The various feelings we can feel in the summit are sometimes contradictory. We can feel some pride and hapiness because we starting from the bottom and now we here. But on the cartoon, the man seems depressed, unhappy, as if he did not have puposes anymore to be reached.

In class, we saw a video who talk about the high price of materialism in our society. The today's society is full of advertisements urging us in consomer and to spend most money by persuading us that it is like that that we shall become happy. By earning a lot of money, and by spending it on things which will claim to make us happier, liked and estimated. But by wanting to possess more money and more properties it can have one high prices for us as for the planet. Studies demonstrated that the more we give of importances to the materialistic values, the less we feel of positive feelings and less we worry about the planet. Indeed, the materialism has effects of stress and anxiety on us. Thus in a way we try to acceder in the happiness by the money.

Our society  thus turns around the fact that the happiness buys itself, because people became materialistic and think of acceder in the happiness thanks to their jobs, to their place in the socity, thanks to their properties that they will have buy with all the money that they will have amassed, but this acumulation of money does not see to it to make us happy. As we were able to see it in the cartoon or in this video.



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