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Notion d'anglais spaces and exchange immigration to the usa

Cours : Notion d'anglais spaces and exchange immigration to the usa. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Anglais : Notion n°1 SPACES AND EXCHANGES

Introduction :

Today, i'm going to deal with the notion of spaces and exchanges. To begin with, i would like to give a definition about that. The Word "spaces" can be linked to the geography, so, the countries, the cities and the landscapes and the word "exchanges" can be linked to the economy, the communications and the society. To illustrate this notion i will talk about the immigration to the U.S.A. What are the reasons of immigration ? we will start by seeing the reasons and the hopes of the migrants, then, we will continue with the difficulties of crossing, and we will end by seeing the difficulties that migrants have once in the USA.

I) The reasons and the hopes of immigration :

we'll start by talking about waves of immigrants based on the following document : a map whose title is the browning america. It is the evolution of the population between 2000 and 2010. We can see that among the various groups, Asians and Hispanics have the highest increase about 43%. Now Hispanics represent the second largest group with 16,3% whereas Asians represent only 4,8%. The white population is still the first group with 72%, however, the increase is limited to under 5%. This means that the proportions of white people could become less and less high in the future. That's why the title is the browning of america.

we can continue with the reasons and the hopes of immigration. To illustrate this idea, i would refer to an interview on the radio programme "New Horizons" between two persons : a journalist called Bill Connelly and a Mexican called Alejandro Perez. Alejandro Perez presents his life: he first explains that he comes from Mexico and that he moved to come to the United States. He left his wife and his son because he wanted to find the American dream and give better living conditions to his family. Moreover, in Mexico, his situation was bad. He was a mechanic and his salary was $ 70. In the United States, it earns 8 to 10 times more, and many jobs are available for unskilled workers. He also talks about the longer life expectancy in the United States because people live four years longer because there are better healthcare. For the future, Alejandro would like his family to move to the United States to have his son better educated.

II) The difficulties of crossing :

Crossing the border can be very complicated. To illustrate this idea, i would refer to an extract from Texas, a novel which was written by James Michener in 1985. It focuses on a group of 18 mexicans who are crossing the US-Mexico border. They crossed the Rio Grande and they joined smugglers on the American side. They needed to get away from de river not to be caught by the US border patrol, so their guides said they could drive them away but they needed extra money. They were treated like animals and with a gun, so the mexicans did not protest : they were scared and anxious : they had no other choice but to obey. Later, after several hours, the truck suddenly stopped, so the mexicans get off during the driver "repaired" the truck. But the breakdown was a trap, because the driver drove off at full speed. The mexicans were left alone in the middle of the desert : their trip to hope had turned into trip hell. Because of the intense heat, and the lack of water, just 3 persons survived.


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