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I’m going to talk about the notion of spaces and exchanges.

An exchange is the act of giving and receiving something. It usually implies a space thats isn’t necessarily physical ; it can be wirtual as well. 

In the world, all people exchange, always, for many things. He exists diffent type of exchange such as exchange economic, commercial, comunication, information but too exchange of ideas and cultural. But, nowadays virtual exchanges have become increasingly important, they taken an important place in the life and they don’t stop to develop. For many persons, Internet is wonderful because it enables to do many things such as searching information etc. In class, we particulary studied the virtual exchanges.

Is it the virtual an exchange space really influential in the world ?

Firstly, I will talk about the importance of virtual exchanges and secondly I will treat the development of virtual reality.

First of all, many people use a smartphone, we can do spend e-mails, play online games, take pictures, communicate via social media, phone people, surf on the web ect. So, we can do many things. But there is less face to face communication and peolple are more addicted to their phone. In class, we being seen a modern fairy tale which talk about of Georges, a young man who is addicted to new technologies, is a geek.

We studied too an extract of an episode of a British serie « Black Mirror ». This extract talk about of Lucie Pound who lives in a peace, calm and fake world. In her world, all the people are staring at their cellphones. Always, they are browsing each other’s timeline and rating eachother. The goal of each person, in this world, is to get good rating on an apps.

So, the virtual exchange is more and more everyday important.

Finally, the virtual reality develops more and more. A virtual reality consists in using computer technology to simulate a real or imagined place. It’s used in differents domains such as industry, education, therapy, gaming, travel and entertainment and journalism.

In class, we being seen an article named « HOW VIRTUAL REALITY WIL CHANGE YOUR LIFE » and the three main actors in the virtual reality are Facebook, Google and Sony. The virtual reality could be used in the medical field for training surgeons and doctors on virtual bodies, or in psychiatry. In journalism, a 360 degree camera is used to film.

The virtual reality grew, thanks to a new game « Pokemon Go ». In class, we being seen a video on this game very popular. « Pokemon Go » is a mixture of the real and virtual world, augmented reality experience. It’s an ap on your phone and you wander about and search for Pokemon. It’s a sociable games, and it brings people together.

To conclude, the virtual exchange takes an important place in the life of everyday. People keep straing at the cellphone, and people are more and more addicted at the new technologies and the virtual reality don’t stop to develop. It’s a space exchange very influencial.

For me, I think the virtual will become important and essential for everybody. The face to face communication disappears as we go along, we will live in a fake life as in the serie « Black Mirrors ». I havent’ social media because, I think, it’s no interesting.


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