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Oral Anglais Spaces And Exchanges

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I'm going o talk about the notion of "Spaces and exchanges". This notion deals with the geographical and symbolic areas which people occupy. It is also about the interactions between people and societies, whether cultural, economic, and language interactions.

This presentation we will see how spaces and exchanges can be perceived and transformed ?

Firstly, we will look at the real and virtual spaces, then we will take about the real and virtual exchanges.

First of all, we talk about the spaces. The real spaces can be economic or financial spaces. For example the city of London with Wall Street in New-York, is the real economic spaces because is a poles which concentrate, attract and global companies. Can be political spaces with international entities or the European Union has more political power than European countries so the USA can be legislative on the budget deficit of European countries.

The virtual spaces can be financial, econommic or technological spaces. The financial and economic spaces can be money transactions on computer software. Kerviel lost much money from Societe Generale. Financial experts can buy and sell shares to make money, virtual transactions, you can win or lose huge sums of money from your computer. For the technological spaces, the social networks are omnipresent because he have no border between people and limits to spaces have reduced.

Secondly, the exchanges can be real are virtual. The real exchanges can be economic are cultural. Exchange are more easy in Europe with the Euro, in the world with the American dollar. The cultural spaces are made easy between students thanks to the Erasmus programmes and the end of the Schengen zone allows people in the EU to travel easily and meet people from other cultures . The virtual exchanges can be economic because are more important than real economic because more money travels virtually than in real exchanges for example at the supermarket.


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