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Oral Anglais : Spaces And Exchanges

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I’m going to talk about places and forms of power. First of all, I’d like to give a definition of this notion. An exchange is when we give in return for something received – this can be anything from money, ideas, gifts or financial aid. Interactions and exchanges across the borders have become easier and faster. I would like to illustrate this notion through the theme of cultural interactions. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Gap year ? First of all, I will concentrate on the drawbacks of such an experience, then I will analyse positive aspect of it. To my mind, the documents that best illustrate the notion are :

-An article entitled “ the big issue” by Kim Bielenberg

-An audio recording

Initially, a gap year it’s a year after high school and before entering university, that some young people from anglo-saxon countries use as an opportunity to get experience In many fields to travel around the world. You can involved in enveronnemental programs or on dramanitarity projects schemes. In the audio recording a man ask at the question : What is the gap year ? and give his opinion. He mentions that gap year makes students more mature and responsible. You discover and learn new customs, lifestyles; meet new people and participate to new activities. According to him it allows students once they return to the university to apply in real life what they have learned. It’s becoming more fashionable because parents consider that they are well organised. And I’m totally agree with him because we learn language faster and work methods that we can apply.

Secondly, there are several drawbacks in gap year, and in the article of Kim show it. The narrator’s point of view is neutral, he informs us that gap year is simply “ a doss year” paid by the bank of mum and dad. He carrie son with the fact that some students spend their time “lolling beaches”, it gives an impression of laziness. He adds that he could be a danger with the fact some students will not continue their students. And I can add that you leave your family, friends and home, you may feel homesick lonely. Besides you may difficulties to adapt yourself with the local people on the country. Sometimes the living standard is rather high and expensive or In some countries you can catch harmful diseases. To my mind, I’m agree with the fact you can have difficulties to go back studying after a gap year. I know a person that she’s participating in this program, she’s In India and I wonder if she will succed to return studing.

To conclude, There are advantages and disadvantages in the gap year such as all programs but there is more advantages and if I could I will opt for it. Taking a year-off to travel and getting involved in humanitarian causes in under privileged countries I found that it’s a good plan pause for a breather, go abroad, take a job, or engage as a volunteer.


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