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Notion d'anglais pour le bac "Space and exchanges".

Fiche : Notion d'anglais pour le bac "Space and exchanges".. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Oral presentation (notion 2)

 A multicultural country : a place of peace and understanding or a place of conflicts ?

I will talk about the notion Spaces and exchanges and, to illustrate this notion, I am going to speak about immigration, and more exactly I would speak about Asians’ integration in Great Britain.

To study this phenomenon, I will wonder if immigration between Asia and Great Britain allows to bring their two communities closer in two parts : first, I will explain good points of immigration on the two communities, and then, I will talk about the limits of this immigration in Great Britain.


On the one hand, there is a great integration of british asians people in british society.

  • One of the most important point with Asians’ immigration in Great Britain is that an hybridation between british and asian culture appeared and evolved each year : this phenomenon allows MULTICULTURALISM and enables to enrich british culture. We can see multiculturalism in many different areas such as food, movies, music ...

 In class, we have seen that there is a mix of culture in british national dishes like Chicken tikka masala which is a British national dish invented in an Indian restaurant in the United Kingdom by Ali Ahmed Aslam, a british asian people.

 We have also studied in an article written by “Shashank Joshi” in the newpaper The Telegraph that about nine per cent of British marriages are now “mixed”, which means that interracial marriages between white british and british asian people are increasing each year.

  • Moreover, in Great Britain, British Asian people have became westernized to get integrated in british society and have succeed in a lot of areas as medicine, law or diplomacy.

 For example, this year, we have studied a newpapers’ article about Sajid Javid, a British Asian who became a culture secretary in Great Britain.

-> So British Asians population can be accepted by British society and multiculturalism becomes a cultural enrichment for the two communities.

 However, even if they are well integrated by some British people, this is not the case for everyone.


 That’s why, on the other hand, integration can also be dificult for British Asian community  it forms immigration’s limits.

Asian people’s immigration in Great Britain is responsible of many major social issues.

Indeed, with the apparition of a british asian community which become more and more important each year, some phenomenons have appeared in a lot of towns in Britain.

  • Segregation is when people are separated because of their origins or their races from the rest of the population since a community doesn’t accept another one.

 For example, we have studied in class White flight’s movement which is a process in which white british people move out of an area because people of other races are moving in. It can be considered as a racist movement since british people choose to exclude people because of their origins.


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