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Anglais Trame spaces and exchanges

Discours : Anglais Trame spaces and exchanges. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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Trame space and exchanges

An exchange is the act of giving something in substitution for something else. Today these exchanges can take several forms : - economic, - cultural, - movement of people.

Among the whole of the propositions offered by the notion ‘’space and exchanges ‘’. I chose to speak about remember in the Second World War. In effect, the conflict opposed France, UK and USA who were allies to Germany, it began in 1939.

-Remember is a duty ?

Firstly, i talk about diferents testimonies of the Second World War and the Eisenhower’s letter, and finally we talk about the role of the school and the education.

Many testimonies have occurred during the Second World War. First, Olson participated at the landed in Normandy, he saw his companions dying. It must have been quite a nightmare. Peterson must return to England during the land in Normandy for keep the communication. And Shumway took part in the Normandy landing. He was an infentry platoon leader. It was a shocking experience because he wanted to save his life. These people have decided to testify for not forget the history and remember the past. The chief encourage this troop to the war by writing a letter who call an Eisenhower’s letter. With this letter, the soldiers were ready for the war and to win even if some of them die.

A school organised a project who is keep veteran’s memories because in a few years, these people will be died and nobody can knew what happened in the past and young generation shouldn’t forget. It’s a good idea because this allows each person who testifies he can remember what he did in the past.

In my opinion, to remember is a duty for everyone and who was used in the past, present or future, it’s an essential thing for us and who was necessary all time for not forget the history and not regret to have not testimonies of those who lived it.

After, diferents testimonies was used in a story for a film at the cinema for example for not forget this history or collect items from the past for remember the man who had this.


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