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Notion Spaces And Exchanges

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This notion deals with the geographical and symbolic areas that all societies occupy and the interactions between men and different societies. Our world is built on the exploration and conquest of new spaces. The different cultural, economic, sociological and language interactions have shaped and characterised our modern-day world.

We are going to talk about Fair Trade. This is an exchange system based on the objective of a better equity in the conventional trade. The purpose is to remunerate more the productor and banish middle man. Our day this sort of trade is more often in countries of South because it help to develop a lot of areas. Because they are poor, a little sum of money is going to help a lot ! For exemple it contribute to improve education, to improve acces to health, and also to improve work condition. But this system isn’t so develop because price are higher and people aren’t so sensitize to it.

The first document which is a cartoon by Nickelson , shows us a workshop in Indonesia . We can see a white manager and on his tie, we can read the name of the company he works for "Nike". We have to know that Nike is a world famous american company which makes sportswear and trainers. We notice that the manager is yelling the famous Nike slogan " JUST DO IT " at frightened workers but here, the slogan is used to enslave people. He is the perfect image of a bully, he looks aggressive. We can also see workers bent over an assembly line making trainers. They look submissive aliened since they are exploited and treated lik cattle. To sum up, the aim of Nickelson is to show a bad aspect of globalization. He denounces here Nike's system and more generally multinational companies which have the monopoly worldwide. Finally, We can say that this cartoon is sharp criticism of globalization and relocation .

In the 2nd document which is an extract from "The Flat World" by Friedman , we have to deal with another point of view regarding globalization. Indeed, in this text , we have a testimony of an Indian girl who works for a multinational in India. She said that it's a good thing because she doesn't have to leave her family, her friends, to change her habits. Besides, she earns a good living . So why should she go to America? Moreover, in this text, we learn that American industry in India is booming. While India benefits from new jobs and a growth in multinational companies, the US economy equally benefits from products bought by Indian companies. In a nutshell, in this extract, globalization and outsourcing are very positivefor both countries.

To sum up and to conclude, I would say that globalization has its advantages but also its limits.


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