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In my opinion, the notion of spaces and exchanges relates to communication; communication is the act of exchanging objects, goods, or words and ideas between spaces.

Indeed, we can notice that the act of communication is made easier thanks to the deletion of the notion of distance. This is possible thanks to technology, like Internet for instance.

Internet helps communication and exchanges, due to its efficiency. Nevertheless, problems still occurs, and this system isn’t flawless. Between countries and territories, we have borders, separating spaces, and preventing immigration.

In class, we have studied many written and audio documents, helping us understand the problem of immigration. For example we have seen a text named “Texas” from James A. Michener. In this document we have a group of Mexicans, including our main characters Manuela and Candido Guzman who are brother and sisters, who try to cross the US Borders, thanks to the help of smugglers. Sadly, the smugglers ditched them, and they suffered a horrible death. Candido seemed to have survived.

Analyzing this text, we learned that the Mexicans are desperate and are willing to take any risks, like searing under the sun, or starving, to flee from poverty and unemployment. In Mexico, they are underfed, while in America, they are wealthy, with material comfort, and luxurious lives. Indeed, they all want to fulfill their dreams, or rather, the American dream.

In conclusion, we can say that the courage and determination of the Mexicans is admirable, but especially that in relation with our notion, we can say that there is communication between two spaces; America and Mexico, for instance, cultural exchanges. We could always ask ourselves if this communication is really good or bad for the countries, and if it could cause major racism, and xenophobia.


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