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Notion Of Space And Exchange

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I'm going to talk about the notion of space and exchange. First of all, I would like to give a definition of the idea of space and exchange.

The different spaces of the world are nowadays more and more connected to each other. The exchanges can appear on many forms: people, trade, information. The immigration is linked to this notion as it implies the motion of legal and illegal people to other countries. Does Immigration always bring benefits? We will focus on the journey of immigrants to the USA by showing the advantages and disadvantages of these trips.

I. In search of American Dream :

We often speak of "Nation of Nation" in order to describe The United States, since everybody there is either an immigrant or a descendant of immigrants. Nowadays, America is still a destination for immigrants. It offers great opportunities like a job or a better career. As we can see in the two personal stories studied in class. Fang Yi Sheu is a girl coming from Taiwan who emigrated to New York City to become a professional modern dancer. Her country of origin, Taiwan didn't offer her enough opportunities to do what she wanted. Farah Naficy is a woman coming from Iran who emigrated to Coli because she wanted to give more opportunities to her daughters. Those two personal stories show why immigrants come from all over the world to reach this country and realize their dream, within the American Dream (to become famous/known; having a lots of money etc).

The hope to live the American dream made of immigrants, individuals wanting at all costs to settle in the USA even if it means to cross the line of legality.

II. From dream to reality :

We have listening a recording entitled « on the border » which deals with the passage of illegal immigrants at the border Mexico-USA. The border between Mexico and the USA is the most crossed over in the world. However, this trip is very risked because they take illegally the train, they risk their lives to cross the border ; they can be robbed and raped, they can get hurt and lose a body part falling train. This recording shows the journey of illegal immigrants is very dangerous, and that the dream can quickly toggle into a nightmare. Nevertheless, some people manage by arrive at the destination. This is the case of the lots of person who lives in the North of Manhattan (New York).

In effect, in class we listening a reportage : "New York Laundromat becomes an English classroom" who talking about a man teaching English at immigrants Spanish in a Laundromat. This report shows that immigrants have struggled to integrate into the American community in a city where only resident immigrants lives. This class represents a big opportunity for immigrants because there are many who can't take class in a public school or even to borrow a book from the library because they need a card of identity for this. To conclude, I think immigrate in USA can be a real opportunity because there are lots of Hispanic celebrities who have lived their American dream by succeeding a career in the USA. For example, Pénélope Cruz.


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