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Notion: Spaces and exchanges, épreuve orale du BAC anglais

Fiche : Notion: Spaces and exchanges, épreuve orale du BAC anglais. Recherche parmi 272 000+ dissertations

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I'm going to talk about the notion of Space and exchanges.  

Space means the geographical and symbolic areas where human lives and progress.  Exchange is the act of  giving or receiving something in substitution for something else. Nowadays, exchanges can take differents forms: economic – work exchanges,  cultural – exchange of ideas, information, education,  movement of people – immigration, student exchanges…   The development of technology, communications and transport accelerated all these exchanges.

I will answer the question : How a space with assets but also constraints can become attractive?

This year in class we studied several documents about space and exchanges, so to illustrate this notion I have chosen to talk about 3 differents politicals fights : Mandela's fight against apartheid, Martin Luther King's fight against segregation, and Gandhi's fight against the english imperialism.

First, I will talk about London. In one century, its population was multiplied by 6. Its attracted people from British colonies in ninety sixty and now attracted a lot of foreigners. With its language, its geographical location and its universities, England's capital offers good living conditions for young people like studients or people who wants to develop new business. On another side, London have a lot of pollution, population and high rents.

Also a global city but of a very different type, Singapore is a real magnet of people. Part of the British colonies, it gained its independance in 1965. With no natural ressources like gas or oil, the country is dependant on other countries. Despite of that, it's an economic power with the world's highest incomes, due to the country size, the richness and mostly to its geographical location, in Asia.

After global cities who became attractive by them assets despite of them constraints, i will talk about the Ireland's violent swing. In fact, this country has seen an incredible and very long famine named "the great famine" and many people have emigrated to the USA, Canada and Australia. Fortunately, in ninety nineteen, ireland joined the EU, which attract foreign investment, so people moved to work in Ireland. Following that, there was a full employment and irish people came back to their country.

Despite all these constraints, these examples suceed to became attractive. But human doesn't like to have limit, and space is the next challenge.


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