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Myths and heroes: how was society influenced by myths and heroes it has itself created?

Cours : Myths and heroes: how was society influenced by myths and heroes it has itself created?. Recherche parmi 258 000+ dissertations

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I am going to talk about the notion myths and heroes. First of all I would like to give a definition of this notion: A myht can be defined as a story about gods or heroes, it can be a popular belief or a tradition or a false notion. A hero can be a mythological figure, a person who is admired for his or her acheviements, a superhero or maybe a role model or an icon. In order to illustrate this notion, I have chosen to talk about a famous American myth : the road 66, and about the heroism society has put on some of his members. To do that, I am going to answer the following question : how was society was influenced by myth and heroes it has itself created ?

1. We can see that we project on the known personalities, this image of the hero. Although we make dreams almost half of our lives we live in the real world. This is why the man is, to some extent realistic, and projects the power of fictional characters on a real person, for these acts. The man hopes, therefore, also be able to heroic deeds. As Malala Yousafzai is considered a hero because she has fought for women's rights. Moreover, on 9 October 2012, she is the victim of an assassination attempt in which she is seriously wounded, an attack condemned by all the political class of the country. She is transferred to Birmingham Hospital in the UK on October for further treatment. This attack led to international media coverage of Malala Yousafzai.

Angelina Jolie honors Malala with donation of $ 200,000 to fund. Barack Obama is comparing, in a book comics, has a new biracial spider-man.

The author wanted to be inspired by the president Barack Obama. We can speak about fictionnel heroes like superheroes for exemple superman, batman who endowed with supenatural of power (We can see in the text 3 we can see that the character speaks of two superheroes very known who all made his youth). The road 66 is a myth because She made the tour of the United States. It offers us beautiful landscapes that could make postcards. It leaves from Illinois then arrives in California via the famous cities of the United States like Kansas, Texas, New Arizona ...

2 Finally, secondly, having models, influences society to make the best, which seems good. For exemple, Malala and the President Barack Obama are good influence on the world. If we make the link with the fictional heroes I mentioned before, can be a source of inspiration for young people. They have shown great courage, strength and impressive patriotism.

To conclude, society create myths and heroes to dream the best of the world, imagine perfection. And thereafter, it throws these fictional heroes in real life to have models and progress in the right direction. I think the heroes are a good way to set goals in life, to have an example to follow when we are lost. The desire of the unreal, dreams can also be a good point but be aware the difference between reality and fiction.


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