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Myth and Heroes: how can myths and heroes can influence the society?

Dissertation : Myth and Heroes: how can myths and heroes can influence the society?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Myth and Heroes

I am going to talk about the notion of Myths and Heroes. First of all, I'd like to give a definition of a myth.

A myth can be a traditional story concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events. But it is also something that many people believe in but that is false or doesn't exist.

The ordinary language uses the word "myth" today to denounce an illusion (" the independence of the nation state is only a myth "), or to evoke the idealized, excited image, of a person (Marilyn Monroe's " myth " ), a situation or an event (the "myth" of the Tour de France). These different uses underline how much the mythical speech, in it comparable to the dream, is a matter of an ambiguous relation with the reality.

Heroes are Legendary character to whom are attributed the extraordinary exploits: the heroes of "Iliade".

It was also a name given by the Greeks to the deified great men.

This year in class we studied several documents about myth and heroes especially "A dream come true", "Prince of peace" and "A successful woman" for example, we also studied personalities as Katy Perry or Brad Pitt, big businessman as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, and peacemakers as Gandhi, Nelson Mandela...

In order to illustrate this notion, I choose to talk about how myth and heroes can influence the society ?

To answer this question, I'll focus on the documents "A dream come true" and "Prince of Peace"

The first document I have chosen is a recording with two speakers : Vince Papale and a journalist. The journalist is asking Mr. Papale about how he started his career and how did he became a model for young American football players.

It deals with the personal story of Vince Papale, At the beginning he was playing as an amateur in the Philadelphia's Eagles, and he was a teacher.

Then he got fired from his job and his wife left him, after a reconsideration he started a football training camp and was really brilliant.

The dream of this man was to become a professional football player, In the years 1976, the new coach of Philadelphia Eagles decides to organize open tryouts. Vince is chosen to become a professional player.

It becomes the oldest rookie in the NFL history. 3 decades later, in 2006, the movie "Invicible" is shot about Vince. Today, Vincent knows the country-delivers speeches about his professional career and his victory over colon cancer. Vince Papale claims that everyone is capable of achieving something good in his life, to get to the next level if you work hard and stay straight. These words reflect his own experience, he refers to the fact that he didn't get the chance of being supported by his family, he did it all alone, his perseverance paid. And he claims that he had to overcome many difficulties before even thinking of fulfilling his dream. After his wife left him, and after he loses his job, he could let his life drown but instead he took himself by hands and with a little support from


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