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Myth and heroes: Which was the influence of these people (heroes) on the world ?

Discours : Myth and heroes: Which was the influence of these people (heroes) on the world ?. Recherche parmi 263 000+ dissertations

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I've picked out notion of myth and heroes.

First, I am going to give a definition of the notion, a myth can be defined as a story about heroes or tradition or false notion. A hero can be mythological person or superhero maybe an icon for peoples.

Then I am going to try to answer the following question : Which was the influence of these people on the world ?

I'm a first part I will talk about the situation in the USA at the end of ninetheen.

In second part I will talk about people who helped the world.

I will illustrate my argument with examples studied in classe.

1-The situation in the USA at the end of ninetheen :

The situation was very bad in the South of the United States for the black people, even in the America government tries to defend the rights of the blacks, but the states of the south don't respect them and invent Jim crow are racist laws to the colored persons for examples colored cannot have access to the same rights or in same public places, cannot be in couple with whithes and many of the other laws. In class we also saw a movie the butler who to show the- living conditions of a blak Americ, and to evolve in the life he has to go away states of the south but we can see that even in the other states the blacs are lower  too.

2-People who helped the world :

A lot of people it are beaten for the fight against the disparitiesand the racism in the United states as the civilians rights activits who to fight without violence by creating groups of training morality and ignoring the bans for the colored persons even if they were knocked they began again ! In class we also spoke about Rosa parks a woman black who it is beaten against the segregation in a bus by not leaving its place for one person white she was put in prison.

To conclude we can say it's thanks to the fights of certain peoples as the country was influenced positively in the laws and in the spirits for today arrived a country which had elected a black president.


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