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The influence of the web - the idea of progress

Cours : The influence of the web - the idea of progress. Recherche parmi 265 000+ dissertations

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The notion I’m going to deal with is the idea of progress. To illustrate this notion I have chosen the issue « Is today’s India a modern country? ». To answer this question, I’ll first discuss the fact that India is a modern country, but then I’ll explain that there is still inequalities.

I/ A modern country :

India is a country still quite rural but there are huge modern cities which are developing. There is a grown for the businesses and international companies with a fast development. And we learned, thanks to an audio document about « High-tech cities », that since 2004 the GDP of India is growing more than 8% per year. We also studied a document named « Changing India » made by a journalist. The text explain how India has changed and is changing since this man came back in his native country to understand it on his own terms. The journalist is saying that the country changed dramatically with the farms who are replaced by factories and with the Indians companies who only compete (make competition) in India. So then, Indians people don’t need any more to leave India if their want to change their life, something who wasn’t possible many years ago. There is also huge other changes. Like the fact that some women are becoming breadwinners. Or the fact that the young people are finding in their cell phones a zone of individual identity. And the fact that getting divorced is more present than before.

II/ with inequalities still present:

But, in today’s India there are still things which shows that the country is not completely modern yet. For example, by the video we studied about « Is India cast system still alive? », we know that the cast system is already present in weddings and in politics influences. India is a country who has always be known for the inequalities between men and women, with for example the dowry when they are getting married. This dowry bring the fact that they are not on an equal footing, and girls are considered as second class citizens. Today, this dowry is still present and that shows us that India is not completely modern. Other inequalities show that to. Like, for example, between poor and rich by the fact that it is still difficult for some Indians to make a living at the end of the month.

Conclusion :

This country who faced a lot of difficulties is now changing on the great way. But there is, like for every grows, obstacle on the road. And inequalities are part of those obstacle. So, to conclude, India is a modern country but with inequalities still present.


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