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DM anglais: what is the American dream?

Cours : DM anglais: what is the American dream?. Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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But exactly what is the American dream?

The American dream that drew the original colonists and has drawn people of every race, of every color, of every culture throughout American history, is the dream of freedom,  success and prosperity for all. The dream of finding work, working hard and advancing themselves economically, and having their children start with advantages they did not have, so that their children can begin their economic life at a higher level than they did. And what do these people have in common? English, their shared common language, the official language of United State that allows all, to interact with each other, no matter what their background or native language.   

The freedom and the success that these immigrants are looking for can’t be reached without mastering English language. Regardless of their background and resources, the English proficiency will facilitate their integration into American society. They’ll be able to become more familiar to their new country and participate in political, economical and cultural life.

In today’s world, opening the door to the American dream, it’s almost impossible without at least some college education. Without English language skills, many immigrants will face significant barriers to access to higher education and succeeding in their American dream.  College education provides an opportunity to satisfy a love of learning, gain skills that can lead to better jobs and higher wages.. Learning English is a crucial task for immigrants and one that can have a significant impact on access to higher education.

Armed with fluency in English, an immigrant is more likely to work in a better, higher-paying job, and is more likely to fully participate in the democratic process and all that America has to offer. English will help raise immigrants up to the economic level of native English speakers.

 Learning English not only helps newcomers assimilate but it’s also the key to having the opportunity to realize the American dream.


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