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Spaces and exchanges : is the American Dream still alive ?

Fiche : Spaces and exchanges : is the American Dream still alive ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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 I’m going to talk about the notion “Space and exchanges”. First of all, let me define the notion, an exchange is a continuous movement or circulation. It includes all types of exchanges, financial exchange, languages, migration, cultures… To illustrate this notion, I have chosen to speak about the American dream, since it involves the idea of space as immigrants are moving across the country to fulfill their dream. So to develop an aspect of the notion “Space and exchanges”, we will try to understand : Is the American Dream still alive ? In the first time, we will examine a land where we can still succeed. In the second time, we will see a country closing its borders.


  1. A land where we can still succeed

At first, there is the DREAM Act in the USA be helpful to the student and the whole society given illegal states. In the USA, 20% undocumented immigrants are under 18 and 1 student in 42 won’t get secondary education because of their legal statut in the US. For to be eligible to the DREAM Act, give 4 conditions : enter the US before age 16, have an American school diploma or GED (= examens), be 35 or younger, have no criminal record. Obama passed in 2012 the DACA (Defered Action for Childhood Arrivals) to help to people under 31 who came to US under 16. For have access to employment authorization, social society number and driver’s license. This low represent a legal presence but no legal statuts. Only for 2 years !

However, many people are choosing to go to the United States for political reasons or for humanitarian. We saw the example of two people. The first is Fang Yi Shew, she went to the USA for the work opportunities and to fulfill her dreams to become professional dancer. The second is Farah Naficy, an iran woman. She came the USA because it’s a revolution in her country. She loves the USA since welcomed her twice.

  1. A country closing its borders

The integration for Fang Yi Shew and Farah Naficy were very difficult. Once arrived in the USA, the immigrants can face many obstacles like borders controls, language, money, racism… Farah Naficy, an Iran immigrant, her dream is become an independent woman in USA but Farah no find a place in the American society. When she arrived, she is homesick because the call of my birthplace is always there. Fang Yi Shew didn’t have the same difficulties. When she arrived in New-York she is alone in the big city and she isn’t used. Morever, her parents don’t understand his choice so doesn’t help her at all.


To conclude the notion, many immigrants choose the USA as a destination for the new life. Some come because it’s war in their country, others to make their career. However, it has been noted that few people do. I wonder if the lives of immigrants in the USA is really the American Dream. Many people earn little money to live in good condition. Indeed it’s harder for them to integrate and they face discrimination because they don’t share a common culture with the USA.


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