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Myths and heroes : is the American dream a myth or a reality ?

Cours : Myths and heroes : is the American dream a myth or a reality ?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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I'm going to talk about the notion of M&H. A myth is a popular story or belief that evolved in time aned that conveys the ideals of a given society.

Heroes are the caracters of myths. A hero is seen as someone who does things that other people can't or won't do.

To illustrate this notion, I will focuos on a founding myth of the American Nation. Is the AD a myth or a reality ?

First I will define the concent of the AD. Then I will concentrate our attention on a photograph takes in Louisville.

To begin with, i'll say that is the AD : America has always been a magnet for the immigrants who hope to make a diving there, to have better prospects. This America still exists today.

The song that I chose is AL interpreted by BS. It summarizes the vision that the majority of immigrants had of the country. This song praised America, described as a land of opportunity and also meaning that the country has a lot of things to offer, like gold and diamonds. This song pays tribute to the working class which built the cities with their hands and sweat.

Henry Ford per exemple, embodies the AD, he's an industrialist and self-made man and he created one of biggest society in the world and he becames wealthy thanks to his car, the Model-T. He changed the American way of life and he gaves the possibility of each family to have a car. There were lots of men who changed the world like him, such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Walt Disney.

Now, I will introduce a photograph which has taken by M.B-W in 1937 in Louisville. The title is « The Louisville Flood ». This photo shows people who are destitutes, needies maybe below the poverty line because they have old clothes. After the flood, they have no longer anything, withtout ressources. They queue up, probably to obtain food and this persons, often Blacks, seem resigned. This people haven't a high standard of living, they embody the symbol of a two-tier society between the haves and the have-not in the US.

To conclude, I'll say that the AD stay a reality for some people. But it gradually become a myth. The AD has always been a myth for some people, excluded from the beginning to the possibility to climb the SL, to grab opportunities, like the African american community.


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