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Plan Marketing Toyota

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1.0 Company Description

The Toyota Company is a leader in the car manufacture, assembly and distribution the world over. A very efficient management style that the company uses has been one of the reasons for the firm’s good performance. There are many other salient factors that have made the company achieve the niche of market leader. The market structure the company operates in can not be definitely stated. Some may consider it to be a monopoly. This is due to the fact that the company is a dominant market player in car exportation. In fact, its differentiation strategy has made it enjoy an almost monopolistic presence especially in the developing nations of the world. On the other hand, the market structure can be seen as an oligopoly. This is due to the fact that there are other key players like GM who are peer competitors. Toyota is keen to see what these competitors are doing and make sure it reacts to their actions in a way that will guarantee its market leadership.

2.0 Strategic Focus and Plan

There are three aspects of the existing corporate strategy that are developed in relation to their overall impacts caused to the marketing plan of Toyota Company. These are;

2.1 Mission Statement of the Company.

Toyota seeks to create a more prosperous society through automotive manufacturing (Hiroshu, 2003). Therefore, the Company is aimed at achieving a stable and long-term growth in future, and this is supposed to be in synchronization with a number of factors: the significant environment, global economy, local communities served, and the Internal Environment of stakeholders

2.2 The Company’s Goals

The company has committed itself to offering of hybrid alternatives for every model that is sold in the market. This is aimed at enabling the Company to make a total sale of 1 million hybrid vehicles within a year, and this goal has been set to have been achieved by the year 2012.

Toyota Company has improved its 2011 Environmental Action Plan and it is committed in six different key areas, which are: the Environmental Management; changes in Energy and Climate; the Quality of Air; concerned Substances; the aspects of Recycling and Improved Resource utilization; and Societal Cooperation. The Company is committed to reduce carbon dioxide emission and it is believed to take combined actions of ensuring that the environment is kept clean all the time by observing the stated fuel economy values.

2.3 Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Toyota Company is working towards the achievement of a better and more sustainable economy by having a stable global market. With advancement in new technology and other related matters, the Company is investing in various strategies that will enable it to realize its set goals and objectives over a period of time. The Company has a well developed and equipped network of expertise that are into research and development over aspects that are to keep the Company on top in product and service delivery to its global market. Also it has a wide range of distribution network allover the world and this has enabled it to reach a portion of the market that is seeing it through to greater levels.

3.0 Situation Analysis

Toyota’s capacity to stay on top of productivity efficiency and quality rankings can be credited to its internal environment. This entails the way production process is managed by the top management who are famous for their competency. The production team has an insatiable obsession to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its manufacturing operations. Therefore, to fully understand the situation analysis of Toyota Company, a SWOT analysis is determined and it mainly consists of the Company’s strength, weaknesses, available opportunities, and finally the threats that the Company is experiencing or projected to go through.

3.1 SWOT Analysis

Strength and weaknesses are referred to as internal factors of the Company as their impact starts from within the Company, while opportunities and threats normally originates from outside of the Company, hence referred to as external factors.

Figure 1: SWOT Analysis of Toyota Company (Internal Factors)

Internal Factors Strengths Weaknesses

Management Having competent and experienced management team and board members Large size of management team reduces chances of moving fast into the targeted market, because of slow rate in decision making

Offering Hybrid products that are customer friendly Expensive in proofing the market that are right products for them

Marketing Distribution of products into the market through wide range of identified branches Expensive in establishing this distribution network

Personnel Have good skilled workforce who are relied upon The gap will be big if the employees left the Company

Finance Improved revenues from sales made in the global market Limited workforce and material may slow down the growth of the Company in relation to competitors

Manufacturing Main supplier of material ensure fast and quality material Different supply interests among the Company suppliers and other competitors.

R&D Quality of products delivered is enhanced through out the period of doing business

Figure 2: SWOT Analysis of Toyota Company (External Factors)

External Factors Opportunities Threats

Consumer/social Stability of the upcoming market is highly projected Low priced products may proof that the quality of the products is quite low

Competitive Differentiated products and prices make the Company to be quite distinctive in the market Products of high technology are being introduced into the market by other competitive companies

Technological Break-through in technological standings is a better course for the Company to improve on the quality of its products

Economic Improved consumer income


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