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Leadership style

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My leadership style shows that I am a Democratic leader wherein I encourage group members to share their thoughts, and because of this group members also feel more involved and committed to projects, making them more likely to care about the end results.

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Leadership traits of Bill Gates that I truly admire:

1. Vision: He is a man with vision, he combines his visionary ambitions with his philantropic abilities which can be observed through his Malaria project. The main aim of the malaria project is to cure malaria from the society. From the very start, he has his goals intact in his mind which are based on growth.

2. Growth and learning mindset: He has an ability to learn from the leaders. He has often expressed his admiration to Warren Buffet as he feels Warren Buffet has the ability to see the world differently. There are so many articles that have been published which reflects on his attempts in improving communication and public speaking skills.

3. Creativity: Rather than remaining in a zone of solace, Gates supported himself and his kin to grasp inventiveness. His authority style attempts to enable individuals since singular viewpoints make new chances to investigate thoughts. Albeit a few people tailed him in view of the charm he oozes, numerous individuals followed Gates since they realized he could assist them with changing themselves into better pioneers as well.

4. Focus: Knowing something is far different from being wise. Gates focuses on one thing he knows best, the program, and then does the best he can. He worked hard to manage his industry, making performance a priority, and was left with the skills he considered the strongest. You can still see this focus through the work he does with his charity.

Leadership Skill Self-assessment

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Skills you wish to develop

Actions taken or strategies

Success Measure

Review Date

  1. Creativity

Undertaking stimulation intellectual challenges like problem solving exercises

Successfully participate and launch a project assigned to me


  1. Become a better listener

Make sure my mind is focused whenever someone is talking and avoid hasty judgment

Checking in with subordinates or colleague if I get their message or purpose


  1. Communicating Verbally and written

Participate in working groups and committee

Attend workshops on effective business writing

Praises from colleagues and being able to effectively compose email faster and more accurate


  1. Management skills

Ask for mentor of superior or someone who is more knowledgeable

Positive feedbacks from subordinates and being awarded as employee of the month


  1. Networking

Attend company meal out and be more active in social media accounts professionally (Linkedin)

Being able to be friends and influence 2 or more people in a month


  1. Become more motivated to achieve goals

Be more involved in organization’s activities and teamwork.

Work completed will be of consistently high standard as per Manager’s assessment.


Personal skills (Managing stress, self-awareness)

Keeping a work-life balance

Never be afraid to ask for help

Stay fit and active

More productive and being able to enjoy what I am doing


Technical skills (making presentation, making policies, budgeting, etc.)

Continually seek ways to improve my technical knowledge and skills by doing research on the latest technology for presentation and seek other people’s advice and ideas as well.

Successfully pass the technical self-assessment test


Comprehend more about leadership

Attend mentorship or leadership program and do volunteering on organization’s activities

Higher score on leadership assessment test and positive feedbacks on subordinates with regards to my leadership style



Solicit opinions from subordinates on organizational strategy, policy and procedures and praise them for a work well done

Employees’ morale is boost and they are more freely to communicate with me without a second thought



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