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Powers of the Queen.

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Queen Elizabeth took office in february 6th 1952 and was crowned in June 2th 1953 at abbey of westminster.

It therefore 64 years she reign. 

Queen Elizabeth de second is currently the one that ruled the longest, setting a record of her back great grandmother, Queen victoria.

We may wonder whether what is true power of the queen of england.

It was in July/August 924 appears the first king of england and also the first king of Wessex to govern.

It will be only seven centuries later that a woman will take a power.

In 1553 jeanne Grey became the first woman to reign in england. 

She can ascend to the throne after edward 6 was announced illégitimate her half sisters mary ans Elizabeth, to avoid that the country should be headed by catholic queen.

Is the queen Elisabeth de second who reign in england currently.

She’s the heiress of george 6 is therefore the heir to the crown.

She’s the head of state of United King dom. She is the queen of Canada, australia, new-zealand as well as Bahamas and twelves others countries grouped together Under the Name of common wealth.

This countries are united by their similar interest but they are independant and they can stay neutral when a conflict commits one or more of them.

Queen Elizabeth the second does not govern the united kingdom but she held various responsabilities.

She is the army chief, by tradition the prime minister hold the command of army.

She’s the supreme gouvern of the church of england. 

The prime minister stem from the parlementary majority   is appointed by queen Elizabeth.

She may object to the law ; accept or refuse the dissolution of parliament.

She’s the lord high admired. She is the major fleet.

Today is ceremonial role.

She is the suprem chief of fidji. It’s honorary title. 

Constitutional point of view

The crown have many constitutional obligation and many symbolics powers.

Her power are constitutionaly limited by laws and charters set up by parliament in 13 centuries.

It’s a royal signature which valid the bill voted by parliament

As head of state the queen must stay politicaly neutral.

According to constitution of united kingdom. The legislative power is exercised by two houses of parliament <(the house of lord ans the house of commons)

The executive power is exercised by prime minister.

The role of the queen is more ceremonial.

The queen has the right to expres her opinion but she has constitutional duty to accept the décisions of prime minister.

The monarch must approve all laws before they can apply.

She has a power of veto on the parliament

In 2012 the parliament amended the law on sucession to replace the principe of primogéniture male by the absolute primogéniture.

In a few years, Queen Elisabeth will be succeeded by his sucesseur Prince Charles.


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