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Idea of progress, How the United States and in particular London has an important weight in the cultural power of the 60s?

Cours : Idea of progress, How the United States and in particular London has an important weight in the cultural power of the 60s?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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“Sweet Sixties” page 32. “The times are changing”p33 “Made in Dagenham”p38

"London. Mary (Export) Quant"  lien video


To discuss the notion of Idea of Progress, i will give you a definition of it.The Idea of Progress can be defined as a development or a change technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the world a better place. To discuss the notion of Idea of Progress We Will Wonder How the United States and in particular London has an important weight in the cultural power of the 60s? This year, we have studied the swinging 60's and we have seen that this movement was a period of change. To illustrated this notion we will study a  draw “The Sweet Sixty”, an extract from a web article “Times ares Changing”, a video named "London. Mary (Export) Quant" and a text extract from a film called “Made in Dagenham. Firstly we will study the music revolution and secondly the fashion revolution.


The first document is a draw called “Sweet Sixties”.This drawing is in fact a magazine cover named “TIME the weekly newsmagazine”. We can see that There is two type of people. we can see in left people on their cars, they look not sad but neutral and in right people with an euphoric face. It's a representation of London illumined by colors that can also represent drugs. This drawing is a representation of London living by music as discotheque on the drawing and  iconic characters drawn such as “The Beatles”represented with big faces.  Music and Drugs truly represent the sixties especially London Called “ The Swinging City, a nicknamed that symbolizes dynamism; cultural renaissance and the idea of progress particularly in music and in the sociology field where thoughts begin to change.

The second document named “The times are changing”, i's an extract from a web article published, on the 20 June 2002 .In music, some rock bands appeared and revolutionized the music like The Beatles,and The Rolling Stones. In an article of marketing magazine, " the times are changing " A journalist explained that these rock bands were bringing with them a new culture. The sixties was the symbol of youth and drugs. They embodied a new generation, rebel and engaged.They invented a culture with values and lifestyles that go against those of who are established by society. This generation was freer than the generation in the 50s.The document illustrates the emancipation of the women too. The journalist attested that women got more liberty than before. For instance they could have access to the contraception and hey could have careers like men. They weren't just a wife or a mother..  Mary Quant a famous designate and Twiggy a fashion model made London the fashion capital of the world.

The third document illustrated the woman’s way to a certain evolution. The document is a video named "London. Mary (Export) Quant" which puts in the foreground Mary Quant a famous designer, creating women’s clothing. We can see her drawings and the fact that she explains point to the cutte. The woman shows her models to her boss, before wearing them by model who parading at fashion show for buyers. There are different styles of clothing, the models wear shorts, dresses, skirt and even outfits of cow-boys. We can see


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