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Today, we talk about this popular mural in Belfast. This is, a loyalist wall mural, depicting king William 3, on the Shankill Estate, in belfast, in Northern Ireland.

First, Shankill is one of the main roads leading through west Belfast, it runs through the working class, predominantly loyalist.

William  was a king of Scotland, England and Ireland from 1689 until is death in 1702.

The painting representing the battle of the Boyne. It was a conflict which opposed British Catholics and British Protestants. During this period, Jacques II was the king of England and he wanted to avoid protestantism to develop

 but William 3 was a protestant and he dethroned Jacques II.

After Jacques II came in France and met Louis XIV, who helped him for recapture trone : this is a start of the Battle of the Boyne.

The army of William was superior than Jacques and William won.

Jacques went into exile in France and Irish Catholics suffered discriminations about protestants.

Today this conflict is still recurrent in Nothern Ireland.

The loyalists protestants have always fought catholics and organised parade for commemorate this victory.

Every symbols are present :

- The red colour symbilzed the war and mens who fought.

- William 3 is on a horse that is in the Boyne river after the victory and the white horse representing the purity of religion.

- The star which is on his jacket representing the Men. It has five branches which symbolizes Man :this number is widely found in the human body: the five fingers of the hand and the feet, the five senses - the touch, the taste, the smell, the hearing and the sight and the five members.

The posture to William show their victory and he is on the middle.

His sword shine, the victory is put forward.

The colours are sparkling and the flowers are lilys and represents the royal symbols.

The artist want to glorify and honor this personn and all protestats and commemorate their victory.

Il manque juste nos impressions


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