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Analyse de la concurrence (document en anglais)

Analyse sectorielle : Analyse de la concurrence (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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We are increasingly confronted with altered market circumstances and changed customer needs. In response, a continued and amplified focus on product improvement and customer service is key to our strategy. During the fiscal year, we have successfully introduced Economy Comfort, a dedicated front section of Economy Class, in all of our widebody aircraft. We have extended the pitch to 35 inches (instead of 30 or 31 inches) in Economy Class, which gives significant extra legroom at a slight increase in price. Another investment with a distinct positive impact on customer appreciation is our seat replacement program including audio video on demand. This fiscal year, the Economy Class sections of 6 out of our 22 Boeing 747-400s were fitted with new seats with in-flight entertainment. The modification will be completed before the end of October 2010 on all of our 747s. Furthermore, electronic business was made easier for our customers and more additional services, such as car hire, parking facilities and hotel reservations are and will become available via A memorable moment was the introduction of our new ladies’ uniform for cabin and cockpit crew, and uniformed ground staff. KLM focuses on the individual behind the customer, because KLM understands that every customer is different.


Competitor Analysis is a significant part of the marketing planning process. Competitor analysis helps management value their competitive advantages/disadvantages relative to competitors. KLM's key competitors vary based on the routes which it ration; over 60% of the company's income comes from customers in Europe. From hubs in Paris and Amsterdam, KLM offers 111, or 62% of the 178 Long Haul destinations offered from Europe. The company's two main competitors are: Lufthansa and its acquisition Swiss International Airways are based out of hubs in Munich, Frankfurt, and Zurich, and serve 42% of the 178 Long-Haul destinations. Other competitors include the thirty three members of the Association of European Airlines, of which KLM has a 27% revenue market share.

Positioning: positioning is said to be as the act of locating a brand in customers’ mind over and supplementary products in terms of product attributes and benefits that the brand do or does not offer. (Keegan and Green, 2001) Klm airlines have positioned it to be the number one competitor to Swiss international airways based out of hubs in Munich, Frankfurt, and Zurich. It attracts customers by being fun to travel with an inventive.


KLM’s main marketing objective is profitable and sustainable growth. Together with Air France, it will achieve this through the further development of its three hub activities in the most attractive markets, in the course of cooperation within SkyTeam and through further reductions in unit costs. KLM airlines are familiar with that sustainability is a requirement for it to retain the support it needs to realize its advertisement goals. KLM’s objective is nothing else but to achieve profitable growth that contributes to both its own corporate goals and the economic, societal and social development of The Netherlands. KLM airlines also wishes to be in a major role as an acting part in setting the criteria necessary to realize its objectives: growth opportunities at the Schiphol home base,


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