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What happens during this day / what is the accident of the twin tower?

Étude de cas : What happens during this day / what is the accident of the twin tower?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Thanks to the study of an article from the USA Today magazine entitled “NYC shoulders enormous emotional weight” published on the 14th of september, 2001 ( three days after the tragedy) and the work done in class ; We will first see what happens during this day / what is the accident of the twin tower? After that, we will introduce how the event affected the population and what were the reactions to this attack. Finally, we will discuss the links between the three documents.

What happens during this day / what is the accident of the twin tower?

On the 11th of September 2001, two airliners destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Center (located in Manhattan/located in NYC). These two planes were victims of a terrorist attack. The crash of these planes caused many deaths and wounded. Manhattan was covered in dust produced by the impact.

But above all, it left a great wave of fear and sadness among (the) Americans. Many residents have lost friends or family members. According to the document, there are 94 dead, 4 763 missing and 30,000 body bags available.

The frightened population looks at the hospital or on the spot, with the hope of finding their families, like the girl in the photo is looking for her aunt named Angela.

How the event affected the population, and what were the reactions to this attack?

As we have already mentioned, many residents have lost family members or friends. This affected the Americans enormously. The document gives us several stories of this loss.

Let take the example of Maria Santillan, fiancée of 27 years, she works on a high floor of one of the two towers. Her boyfriend tells us that she called her father to explain what happened and to explain she must go. Unfortunately, it was too late to help her.

Likewise, the article extract shows a picture of a Desperate search. We understand that Beth Fitz is looking for her missing aunt “Angela Susan Perez”. She looks exhausted and overwhelmed by the drama.

Thanks to these two examples, we can see that the population is affected and desperate by this event. These two examples show that the headline “NYC shoulders enormous emotional weight” makes sense.

In reaction to this attack, the mayor “Rudy Guiuliani” declared that it was necessary to go to the end of this event and for that, the New Yorkers had to strike back and rebuild the city mental. For this, NY immediately returns to normality, for example the shop reopened and this in order to look hard-boiled.

Meanwhile, many people offered their (volunteer) help to help the hospital or whatever. Nowadays, the event remains important and to commemorate this event, memorial and many movies or documentaries have been created. For example, the museum of the 9/11 in New York is located at the crash site.


Even if this event deeply affected the US, we can see that the population was able to react in a positive and constructive way for the future. The terrible attack left big scars on the US, but they are doing their best to move on.


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