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Culture et Civilisation américaine

Résumé : Culture et Civilisation américaine. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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1. Colonial America 1607-1776

2. The American Revolution 1776-1791

3. Colonization and Industrialization 1791-1929

4. The Great Depression 1929-1945

5. The Cold War 1945-1991

6. The New World Order. 1991-Present

Colonial America 1607-1776

The British has just landed and were struggling to even survive. Yet the first thing they thought of was to import humans as slaves.

1. The Colonial era (1607-1776)

2. The Revolutionary period (1776-1789)

3. Westward Movement (1780-1680)

4. Industrialization and immigration (1860-1914)

5. Progressive era (1890-1920)

6. The Roaring (1920s)

7. The New Deal and the 2d World War (1933-1945)

8. Cold War (1947-1991)

9. The Rise of Global Terrorism (1990-2017)

1607-1776: First English colony in Nam and the passage from colony to republic.

General context: European competitive exploration & conquest of the world in the context of capitalistic and scientific development

1607-1776 : The Colonial Period.

The Englishmen were looking at the Spanish coming back from the Americas with lots of gold on the ships, so they eventually went on such an adventure themselves. It was during a context of competition between european empires who wanted to own the rest of the world for the benefit of their economy.

7 Years War: Britain against France. Can even be considered to be the first Global War as it included all the different colonies as well as european main territories.

French and Indian War (1756-1763).

169 Years of colonization. First tobacco crop 1612. First slave ship landed in VA in 1619. Mercantilism.

Captains John Smith.

Quizzes: Lecture.

Colonial Period: Context of intense colonisation.

- Long Land Grab and settlement of 13 colonies.

- Trade and Agriculture

- European Imperial Contest

Vocabulary: British Colonies in North America, Mother Country, Cash Crops, Exports/Imports, available, Indian Land, trade, atlantic world, mercantilism, imperialism.

Cash Crops is the Opposite of Subsistence.

1776. Declaration of Independence. Inclusion of the Bill of Rights in 1791.

Rebellion against England’s centralized power. They were the first to declare war against their power. Influence of the Enlightenment's ideas of freedom and perhaps indian governance, as opposed to the


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